Daily Archives: March 2, 2017

Governor Carney has grown some armor over the last 8 years and he has teeth .

Those who think they’re going to get tough with Governor Carney might have a big surprise coming!

John Carney was kicked to the curb in 2008 by those who supported Jack Markell during the 2008 primary. Jack Markell made a first class mess of public education and now as we see, our prison system.  Beating up on Carney for more public school funding by those who kissed Jack Markell’s ass won’t yield $$$$ anything. Thar look in Carney’s reads ,”I didn’t get us in the mess Jack did” and “I am not here to wipe Jack’s ass”.

Education issues has been my niche since I became in the education issue around 1995. Sometimes we get in our out bubble blocking out other important issues in our community! Public education consumes nearly one-third of the state’s budget and then there is the local $$$ share. I think Delaware taxpayers has done $$$$$ plenty to support public education. Blaming teachers for piss-poor performance of many students particularly our high needs kids is unfair! The problem with Delaware school is the Delaware Department of Education and over bloated $$$ district administration. Public education is BROKEN due to leadership not teachers! But I’ll add one thing! We need to end the VT system for those who received poor ratings from the building admins. Delaware allows out highest needs schools to become dumping grown for VT. HOWEVER, in those schools are some of the greatest teachers who are there because they want to be there! The time has come for the district to dictate which schools teachers are  to teach in as long as it’s in their subject matter.

Back to Governor Carney! He appears to be a person who won’t be bullied parents or legislators. And he doesn’t appears to be a person who’ll dream up ass-hat programs like Jack Markell did! I think he will study and digest all the information and facts! Then he will decide a course of action.

Delaware is tipping towards a recession and home forecloses are red flag supporting it! And for those who say, ” if you don’t vote yes for referendums you hate kids”! I’d say which union rep poured Kool-aid in the back of your head! More money isn’t the solution! Better efficiency of current funding is needed! So for those beating up on Governor Carney you might consider demanding you school district to expand their spreadsheet and reveal all their so-called consultants and their pay!

Word to the wise ! Be careful how far you push Carney!