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Governor Carney being nailed to the cross for Jack Markell’s sins

WEIC to Carney: We need weighted funding , The News Journal

Carney on Tuesday told the commission that with a projected $350 budget deficit, putting aside money for low-income students and English language learners was neither economically or politically feasible. He spoke instead of “opportunity grants” for schools and restructuring Title I funding to better help students with special educational needs, promising he and his staff would come up with a plan that would help improve educational outcomes in Delaware.

Allen said something to the same effect, writing in his statement that, “if it were true that we need not make any changes to the current system because of the performance of disadvantaged students up and down the state, then the commission would relent, disband and go on its way. As we all know, the reverse is true.”

DSEA & the PTA supported former Governor Jack Markell reckless education agenda by signing on to Race to The Top !

Folks this is all bullshit! Public school districts in New Castle County needs to become one school district! That would throw ice on WEIC , a wrongheaded plan that would burden Red Clay local taxpayers.

Delaware traditional and charter school public schools need to be funded like votech schools! Votechs have no referendums! Votechs local tax rates are set by the state legislators !  By doing so, our state legislators will think before they buy into another fucking Race to the Top Wall Street Ponzi Scheme!

We can have weighted school funding whereas the legislators control the $$$$$ ball! Governor Carney  is being nailed to the cross for Jack Markell’s fuck- ups!

Do remember one thing! DSEA jumped the Markell bandwagon when Markell pulled a primary on Lt Governor John Carney who also was running for governor in 2008. Also, DSEA didn’t get Carney elected in 2016! Carney did!  

“Delaware PTA will be advocating our butts off for that bill, and if you know me, you know that I’m not somebody who will back off,” she told Carney.

Carney can’t give you $$$$$$$$$$ what the state doesn’t have! Why not apply that pressure on state legislators to fund traditional and charter schools like votechs  They won’t because taxpayers would have a fit! But yet they’ll say they don’t want to intrude on local control! However, that is what Carney would do by fucking with Title 1 funding which will be illegal if not in the scope of the Consolidated Grant Application.

After reading this I now support federal school vouchers. PTA support School Choice but oppose vouchers! Really nice ! Keep minority children in public school prison where same old same old! We need more money! Perhaps we cut pension for state legislators and require them to get their healthcare via the federal healthcare exchange! 

Yes we need to address school funding! But the time is to cut cost by consolidation!

At the end of the day! Jack Markell Fucked $$$$$$$$$$$ up and now John Carney has to wipe his ass!  Beware! John Carney does have teeth!