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Delaware DOE report might support school voucher! 41% of Delaware public school students entering college ill-prepared!

Report: 41% of Delaware graduates not ready for college , The News Journal

Even as Delaware expands access to college-level courses such as dual enrollment and Advanced Placement classes, 41 percent of public high school graduates are entering in-state colleges and universities unprepared, according to a report released Wednesday.

Just the tip of the iceberg! One can image how many high school graduates no going to college are ill-prepared for the workforce! Then there are those student pushed through via social promotions! I remember the days when they said, “you need that piece of paper (high school diploma) if you want to get a good job! And now that piece of paper is nothing more that a worthless piece of paper! 

In Delaware – as is the case across the country – many students are graduating high school unprepared for the level of rigor necessary in a college course, the new data shows. Acceptance to college does not guarantee readiness for college, DOE stressed. 

It’s so ironic that the Delaware Department of Education steps up and announce this news and fails to take any blame for their Jack Markell kiss-ass deeds! 

Currently, 36 percent of students are not ready for college-level math, the report said. That’s despite the fact a majority of students take not only Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 but geometry before their senior year.

A student is only as good as his teacher and perhaps 36 percent of math teachers suck! 

Its goal is, by 2025, for 65 percent of Delaware’s workforce to earn a college degree or professional certificate and for every student to graduate from high school prepared for continuing education and a career.

Such ambiguous goals ! Some how I think Rodel is behind this by 2025 pipe-dream! Vision 2015 was a flop and as was their change agent Jack Markell!

Of course our leading educators will blame the lack of weighed-funding and somehow this will be all President Trump’s fault.

The sad part of all this is, same old same old for minority students! At the end of the day many at-risk minority students pushed through the system via social promotion and artificial grades will face another generation of poverty.

As for those STEM jobs! Don’t worry China has many grad-students coming to America to fill them! Perhaps Delaware’s dual language Chinese classes may come in handle! America students ending up as lab rats washing and cleaning lab equipment can better communicate with their superiors.  

What do we do? Those leading educators warn parents not to buy into President Trump’s school vouchers because their children will be cheated out of an education! Seems to me they are currently being cheated!

With Governor Carney’s pending education funding cuts he’ll be the scapegoat for failing schools! However, the real blame goes to Rodel and their Change Agent Jack Markell! Then there is the Delaware Department of Education’s skewed data re: Dropout rate and graduation rates ! State testing data is a complete wash! Jumping from DSTP to DCAS then to The Smarter Balanced Assessment with pilot years in-between set the stage for data driven by apples to oranges.

Our teachers are failing due to failed leadership including state legislators! Our state legislators loyal to former Governor Jack Markell need to take responsibility for their stupidity! Something for us to remember come 2018 state elections!  


Delaware charter school queen blowing kisses at state legislator with fingers crossed behind her back! Queen is blind to those being harmed

Delaware bill pushes changes to charter school rules , The News Journal

The first is a bill that would eliminate one of the enrollment preferences, which allows schools to prioritize kids who live within a 5-mile radius of the school.

Two schools currently have that preference in their charter: Newark Charter School and First State Montessori in Wilmington.

The 5-mile radius was included so schools could create a neighborhood atmosphere, said Kendall Massett, director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network.

“When kids are closer to school, it allows for our parents and our families to have more access to the school,” said Massett, whose group helped craft Williams’ bill.

Sounds like the Delaware Charter Schools Network are a group of segregationist via de facto segregation! Designing charter schools to serve at-risk students as a charter school preference is shameful and suggest a-risk children can’t thrive in a school with something for all students! Honors and at-risk! Warehousing minority students in a downtown office building with indoor playgrounds is reflective of what a public K-12 school should be!

Charter schools should be open to all students living within the traditional school district the charter school is located within.

 “It basically preserves our ability to fulfill the school’s mission, which includes focusing on the Greater Newark community,” said Greg Meece, head of school.

I thought charter schools were to be an incubator of educational innovations that could be replicated in traditional public schools! Though traditional public schools have feeder pattern and I’ll bet some have less than five-mile radius, the districts have Choice. 

Meece and Massett said the new enrollment rules could prove problematic if state leaders reduce the number of school districts in Delaware. Some officials have called for such a change to save costs, but charter advocates say that would also mean their schools would be required to serve much larger geographic areas.

“If redistricting happens, we may have to revisit this,” Massett said. “But we can’t deal with the what-ifs. We must deal with what’s in front of us right now.”

And there you have it ! The what if ? WEIC isn’t going to happen and if it did it would be a bonus to Newark Charter! Because Red Clay would takeover Christina’s Wilmington schools! Nothing more than a shallow argument! 

The bill does not change other enrollment preferences, many of which remain controversial.

Perhaps the biggest sticking point is a rule that allows charters to give preference to kids who “have a specific interest in the school’s teaching methods, philosophy or educational focus.” Williams and other advocates argue that allows some charters to “cherry pick” top students away from traditional schools.

Charters defend the practice as an important way to preserve their unique roles in Delaware’s education system.

Going after specific interest admissions would open Pandora’s Box! Red Clay does the same for their magnet schools, Conrad and Cab. Also, Votechs have a selective process! We really don’t need Cab! All public school should have enriched arts for all! Conrad theme is a bit of smoke and mirrors that really don’t justify it as a magnet school. At best, the high school component should be the magnet school and grades 6-8 should be traditional. Conrad’s requirement for Conrad’s graduating 8th graders reapply for high schools is proof in the pudding!

Massett said she thinks this kind of collaboration is better in the long run.

“Healthy compromise is what every American should want from good government,” Massett said. “If you’re always only looking to win, then somebody is going to lose, and that’s not what we are about.”

What an ant-brain analogy! Somebody has been losing for years due to discriminatory admission preferences.

Translation is, as long as it’s not charter schools losing then its healthy!  



Do you support “paying” college education majors for Student Teaching via paying them as substitutes ?

House Bill 88

Introduced on: 3/23/17

Primary Sponsor: Matthews

Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Townsend

Co-Sponsor(s): Sen. Walsh

Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

This Act allows for juniors and seniors majoring in education at a Delaware college or university to be paid $83 per day as substitute teachers, the same rate paid to those who hold a bachelor’s degree but not a teaching license. This will encourage education students to gain some field experience, while also incentivizing a larger pool of potential substitute teachers to address a growing difficulty in finding qualified, reliable substitute teachers for our schools.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:

Not Required

Effective Date:

Takes effect upon being signed into law

New DSEA President better bring a $$$$ flashing! Carney $$$ going to be hard to find! Also Wanxiang over 1 million in unpaid school taxes!

Damn ! President Matthews is being kicked in the $$$$$$ nuts before taking office! Not only will educators $$$$$$$$ suffer so will Prez moving up to upper tax-bracket! 

Wanxiang (Boxwood Plant) 

County Balance Due:


School Balance Due:


I think it time for DSEA to sound the tax deadbeat horn! 

Police called to Delaware charter school “Design-Lab” 10 times sine January 1! CLOSE IT !

Police respond to school fights often, official says , The News Journal

There have been ten calls for service to Design-Lab since Jan 1, a state police official said.

Markell leaves Delaware in a financial hell and seniors will be hurt the most!

Carney proposes tax hikes, spending cuts in Del. state budget , The News Journal

Most Delawareans would see their taxes increased and virtually every part of state government — including schools — would lose funding under Gov. John Carney’s plan to erase the state’s $385.6 million budget hole.

The eligibility age for personal credits and retirement income tax breaks would gradually rise from 60 to 65. 

Carney’s plan reduces by $100 a tax break that senior citizens get on their school property tax bills.

No doubt Governor Carney’s $$$ slash and $$$ trash budget pretty much shares the pain! But I think senior citizens on fix income are going to feel the pain more!

As far as public schools! You can bet MORE REFERENDUMS to cover state cuts! And again! Senior citizens will feel the $$$$$ pain!

Thank you former Governor Jack Markell for screwing us all! SHAME ON YOU !

Rep Williams calls it! Schools are not hotels re: star ratings

Delaware schools plan includes 5-star rating system , The News Journal

Rep. Kim Williams, vice chair of the House Education Committee, questioned the fairness of the system. Because Delaware has school choice and schools can have enrollment preferences, some perform better than others simply because they enroll high-performing students.

“We are not hotels,” she said. “Until we admit students fairly, based on a lottery, it is not fair to compare schools.”

Rep Williams is spot on ! The public school playing field isn’t even with charter and magnet schools enrollment preferences!

Open enrollment with not admission preferences must be applied to all Delaware’s public schools. Doors to all public schools must swing the same way for all students. 


Obamacare to stay and Trump moves on to another lie! @realDonaldTrump #Trump

Yea yea Kilroy voted for Trump ! And I’ll do it again if Clinton runs or even Michelle Obama runs.

Repeal or replace it! That is what Trump said about Obamacare! Well Thursday is judgment day and Trump is going to lose! All he had to do was eliminate the mandate and Obamacare would have folded $$$$ in on itself. It still might and Trump set up himself to take the rap for that! 

Trump will have his tizzy-fit and move onto trying to accomplish other lies! I am still glad I voted for him! And hopefully he’ll full-fill on of his lies and eliminate the United States Department of Education. 

And then there is loser Paul Ryan who needs to be overthrown re: Speaker of The House! 


The Sun Rises For The Delaware State Board of Education

Exceptional Delaware 2018

The Delaware Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee voted today not to Sunset the Delaware State Board of Education.  Sunset would have shut down the board.  I will write more details later since I arrived late for the meeting due to a prior commitment.  As for the State Board’s Executive Director, Donna Johnson, the board voted for option one in regards to her role: The Board will present to the Committee a revised Executive Director job description to better align with the Board’s duties.

Issues surrounding public comment got a bit of discussion.  The JLOSC voted unanimously that the State Board of Education shall allow public comment before each action item but with an amendment.  Public comment may not be allowed during action items that have a pre-established and finite public comment period, such as regulations and charter school issues.  The reason for this is because state code allows for…

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Delaware’s new governor held hostage for former governor’s sins

Under the watchful eye of Delaware’s democratic controlled House and Senate Delaware slipped into a $350 million dollar budget deficit at the hand of former Governor Jack Markell.  And to top it off, Governor Markell ignored the cries of dire needs of our prison system and the call for reinforcements to fight the out of control murder rate in Wilmington.  Governor Markell was a no show in improving the quality of life in Delaware! Governor Markell appointed himself the education czar bent on re -engineering Delaware public schools to appease the Washington-Wall Street education ponzi scheme. Well he had help! The democrat majority supported Markell’s request that Delaware enter the Race to The Top race! The fools allowed rewrite of laws and regulations to boaster the chances of Delaware winning the Race to The Top 3 year education grant. Delaware won and the race is over and many of those RTTT laws are now being $$$ back-filled by local taxpayers.

Folks Delaware is broke! It can’t met its current obligation with out budget cuts and / or raising taxes! The rest of the county is enjoying economic growth but because of Jack Markell’s trash and burn on the way out of office the people will be force to wipe $$$$ his ass!

In comes the new Governor! John Carney! The wolves are at the door begging for more funding for public education, prison reform, law enforcement and  general aid to non profit community services. Our teachers union just say raise taxes its for the kids! Yet they want better pay and protection from paying more towards their healthcare. Some are on the boat defending Obamacare but guaranteed if ask  that all state-workers join the Obamacare healthcare exchange they’ll cry foul!

Governor John Carney was pretty much elected the day he enter the race for governor. Many forget former Lt Governor John Carney  who ran for governor in 2008 loss in the 2008 primary against former State Treasure Jack Markell. Many democrat elected officials turned their backs on John Carney and went with Markell as did the teacher’s union. Folks John Carney owes these people NOTHING!

Governor Carney is in a tough $$$$ spot! He recognizes our prison system is a powder keg and can’t afford to have another prison uprising! We honestly don’t want the Delaware National Guard to step in acting as prison guards. That is what will happen if Carney doesn’t address the powder keg. Education ?????????? Those ignoring other problems caused by former Governor Markell’s blunders don’t get it! THERE IS NO MONEY ! YOU GOT YOUR $$ CANDY WHEN MARKELL WAS GOVERNOR! Playing the card, “those who don’t support education tax increasing don’t support kids” bullshit is getting old. They worry about Trump’s plans to cut funding for Meals on Wheels but ignore the facts when school taxes go up somebody in need feels the $$$ pain!

Governor John Carney is a hard read! But make no mistake! He has teeth! And those wanted to trash him for not support expanding education series at a time their is no money better beware! Your $$$$ demands on Carney is nothing more than throwing gas on fire!  

As for Delaware elected democrat officials. I don’t think throwing stones at President Trump will deflect the truth you had a hand in Markell’s dictatorship! 2018 might not be the usual cake-walk in getting re-elected. You’ll support raising taxes between now and than and we’ll remember who you are!   

Trump’s Budget Ax long overdue!

Spend spend spend we did ! Raise the debt ceiling we did ! Save the world we tried ! Dipped into Social Security and not pay it back we did!

So now America is $$$$$$$$ terminally $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ill !!!!!

No!  I am not proud I voted for Trump! The alternative was Hillary and more of the $$$$ same! 

Comes down to this !!!!! I have to live within my means and so should America !  

As for Delaware and Governor Carney! Don’t nail him to the  cross for the sins of Jack Markell! The democrats dumped John Carney in 2008 and you honestly think John Carney is going to feel your D pain!  

The new Delaware reality ! NO MONEY !

It wasn’t that long ago Jack Markell had the dice in his hand and DSEA hanging over his shoulder blowing on them for good luck! He releases the dice and the rolled from one end of the table to the other ! SNAKE EYES ! Race to The Top aka the lat chance to get it right ! A moon shot!

Governor Markell gambled away our children’s future as he rearranged the education landscape! Markell was a complete failure in reforming Delaware public schools and as governor!

Now for the fallout! Governor Carney now holds an empty cash bag with no fault of his own! Odds are Markell’s gambling buddy DSEA will be nipping at his heels to do something! Folks there is NO MONEY ! 

Governor Carney mops up Jack Markell’s prison mess!

Carney calls for 75 more officers, new equipment in prisons Matthew Albright , Jessica Masulli Reyes , Brittany Horn and Esteban Parra , The News Journal

Gov. John Carney wants to add 75 new correctional officers and buy new safety equipment for prison staffers after an officer was killed last month during a hostage crisis at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna.

In the short term, Carney has authorized $340,000 to purchase new protective gear and communications equipment. His administration also has increased the frequency of random security sweeps at Vaughn by specialized teams.

For the longer term, Carney said he will ask the General Assembly to hire 50 new correctional officers at Vaughn and 25 new officers at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution. That would cost an estimated $2.3 million.

The governor also wants to spend $1.2 million next year on new safety equipment.

It’s a damn shame Former Governor Markell allow such conditions at our correctional center !  Once again Governor Carney has to mop up the Markell mess!

I hang my hat on educational issues but the reality is public safety and safety of those maintaining our prisons comes first!

Good Job John Carney!  

Rep Longhurst inflicted with brain fart!

Report: more affordable after-school programs needed , The News Journal

Delaware needs more affordable and accessible after-school and summer-learning opportunities, according to a new report, especially as a lack of those services is leaving working families with insufficient after-school options and putting students at a disadvantage in school.

These were among the findings of the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Task Force, which brought together a collection of leading after-school care providers, educators and state agencies last year. The task force, created by House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst in June 2016, for the last several months has studied the issue of after-school and summer-break care for Delaware students, issuing its findings and recommendations Wednesday.

HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funds for the extra school time were appropriated from 1997 to 2008 but cut in fiscal 2009 due to budget shortfalls, according to the task force’s report. It’s unlikely funding can be restored this year — the state is facing a $350 million budget deficit — but Longhurst said it should be made a priority in the near future

2009 !!! Isn’t that when Jack Markell became Governor ??

In the meantime, Longhurst would like to form an Expanded Learning Opportunities Council, which could work with the Department of Education to complete a detailed market study documenting “in detail, current after-school and summer program offerings throughout the state in order to identify gaps in services.”

Yep another study another committee! 

Val there ain’t no money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!