Governor Carney hammers nails in WEIC’s coffin!

Carney: Funding WEIC proposal would handcuff state , The News Journal

Gov. John Carney said Tuesday a weighted funding model proposed by the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission would “handcuff the state,” especially as it faces a $350 million budget deficit.

He also made it clear there would be little to no funding available in the state’s budget for an ambitious redistricting plan proposed by WEIC in 2015. If approved, the Christina School District would give all of its schools and students in the city limits to the Red Clay Consolidated School District, a move commission members say will create a more unified vision for the city’s students.

Well that puts the final nail in WEIC’s coffin!

Folks the notion Red Clay could improve the lives of student Christina School District has fail is insane! Red Clay’s high poverty students aren’t out achieving Christina’s. It would nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

Carney, who said he is committed to improving education in the state, said he isn’t wedded to the weighted funding model. He spoke instead of “opportunity grants” for schools and restructuring Title I funding to better help students with special educational needs.

Johnny, I don’t think you can mix Title 1 funding with IDEA funding! Also, Title 1 is strained as it is! 

“We have weighted funding,” he said. “It’s called Title I.” Johnny, do you have a medical marijuana card for that shit you’re smoking! Title 1 funding is “supplemental funding”. And you shouldn’t be using Title 1 teachers in the state teacher to student funding ratio. Title 1 is “supplemental funding”. 

“The department is going to be one that is dedicated to support and service,” Education Secretary Susan Bunting said.

“You have my commitment that we are going to work with you to make this possible,” she said. “No money, but we’re going to make progress.”

Wasn’t this lady the Super of Indian River School District ? Say no $$$ more ! 

While WEIC previously predicted it would take an additional $6 million in state funding to make redistricting possible, it now predicts a funding gap of between $7.5 million and $10 million.

That wouldn’t even cover the repairs to Christina’s schools Red Clay would inherit ! And of course Red Clay Taxpayer will foot the bill! “

There is literally 40 proposals in both of our reports,” Allen said. “Redistricting is one of them.”

No matter how you spin the roulette wheel! Red Clay taxpayers would lose! 

About 4,357 students would switch districts, and Christina would lose eight of its school buildings to Red Clay. An estimated $1.089 billion in tax income would also change hands – though new expenditures taken on by Red Clay would be greater than that additional revenue.

And thee you have the final nail ! Sleep tight WEIC !!!!!!!!


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