Hansen way out in from of Marino re: Delaware 10th Senate Race! DEGOP leaders blindsided with 16th year-olds vote loophole.

Stephanie Hansen leads looks to big for John Marino to overtake ! Loophole in the law allowed 16 year-olds to vote in Special Elections! Law has been on the books since 2010. Delaware GOP Officials asleep at the wheel! Marino’s team found out a bit late whereas Hansen team played the card! Hansen’s lead is big and odds are the 16 year-old factor wouldn’t have made a difference!

Election official is a good guy and the law is correct!

You know we see a bunch of bull shit divide over Trump’s victory and I for one say, it is what it is so given Hansen the respect!  I hope she can help put an end to Delaware’s death spiral but she has a lot of political payback owed to others.

I enjoyed hanging out on Facebook with the Marino crew who did a great job! Marino didn’t lose! Delaware did!    

I am sure they’ll be some public backlash about 16 year-olds being allowed to vote in this Special Election! 


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