School districts call for more referendums while doing nothing about deadbeats like Wanxiang!

By Jack Wells 

Why we must reduce funding in our Department of Education and our 19 school districts NOW.  Fund.  our schools or overhead. 

Currently Delaware’s home foreclosures rank 2th in the nation, until our Governor, our legislators and some of our school boards, especially Red Clay’s,  realize the property owners in New Castle County are hurting financially, foreclosures and delinquent school taxes will increase.   

It’s ALARMING that delinquent school taxes in New Castle County have increased from $17,274,903 in 2012 to $50,512,276 by November 2016, an increase of 341.9%. {If the senior tax credit of $500.00 is rescinded, this will make these problems worst.} 

Provided below by district, is delinquent school taxes in 2012,2016 and percent of increase. 


       2012               2016             Increase      Increase
  1,526,547      3,068,582      1,542,035         101.0       Appoquinimink
  2,375,895      7,137,251      4,761,356         200.0       Brandywine
  4,839,627    13,478,596      8,638,969         178.5       Christina
  3,324,084      6,922,340      3,598,256         108.2       Colonial
  3,700,858    16,082,998    12,382,140         334.5       Red Clay
  1,507,892      3,822,506      2,314,614         153.4        NCCVT
17,274,903   50,512,276     33,237,373        192.4 


Our Governor, our legislators and some of our school boards have a choice, fund our schools based on the needs of our children, or continue to provide excessive funding for overhead in DOE and our 19 school districts. {I convinced if overhead is not reduced, our schools will received less and less funding.} 




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