Delaware Death Watch re: election 10th senate 2/25/2017! Elect Hansen Delaware dies !

No disrespect  to a few democratic elected state official that I admire and respect! But your party allowed Jack Markell  to destroy the solid foundation that once made Delaware a beautiful  safe state to build a career and raise a family! Our prisons are in crisis to a point of Helter Skelter! Our State Police force is underfunded and undermanned! Wilmington is Murdertown USA! Jack Markell’s re-engineering of Delaware’s public school system was a train wreck victimizing amazing public school teachers and our children! Electing Stephanie Hansen will be rewarding failure and would continue the collapsing  of this amazing state!

If your worried about John Marino and man who put himself in harm’s way during his years as a police officer followed by serving his community! I’d say don’t worry! Worry about Stephanie Hansen who couldn’t stand on her own during her campaign and had to have the “former” governor of “Maryland” to campaign for her! Go figure ! Hello !! McFly !! We’re talking a Delaware political race! Why this guy from Maryland coming in? Then there is former V P Joe who had no contact or business with Hansen the last eight years!  Folks the political pony show is all about the democrats maintaining power that would push Delaware deeper in debt as they raise taxes on seniors and small business owners!  Delaware has one of the biggest home foreclosures  in the nation and OMG ! Jack Markells Chinese butt-buddy Wanxiang owes $1,000,000.00 dollars in back school taxes and fines! Red Clay’s share is about $800,000.00! Red Clay admin tells me to tell my elected officials ! Well duh! Red Clay school board members are elected officials! Hansen doesn’t have the GRIT to confront these issues !! John Marino does!

To all the voters in the Delaware 10th Senate District! Please help take Delaware off the death watch! Please vote for John Marino!  Save our state ! Elect John Marino!            


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