Will Delaware continue the death spiral by election Hansen or will Delaware rise out by electing Marino?

I am not the biggest fan of the Delaware Republican Party due to leadership alienating the middle! As far as Delaware Democrats! There are a few amazing elective official within!  However, the party support Jack Markell all the way even when they knew he was wrong! BUT they did join together to support student state testing Opt out and Markell vetoed it ! Jack Markell took his wrecking ball to Delaware’s traditional public system and the democrats failed to rise up and stop him! Jack Markell left Delaware 350 million dollars in the hole! Electing Stephanie Hansen to the 10th Senate District will not end the Delaware death spiral and she blindly support school referendums on face value! I am for improving funding for our public schools but giving the districts blank checks without better accountability is a disservice to the taxpayers and even students!  

John Marino has the grit to call the other side out and to meet them halfway! Delaware has no choice the level the playing field re: balance of power by electing John Marino. Sure he could be a roll of the dice! However, We got nothing with Democrats continuing rolling snake-eyes !  

Hansen claims to know what its like being part of the working class! Yet she can’t comprehend the financial impact school referendums has on struggling families one-step from home foreclosure, a paycheck away from losing a car, senior citizens choosing between buying food or medication and children sleeping without any heat! She doesn’t understand business pay some big bucks in local school taxes and their share via succesful referendums is far more than a cup of coffee! It could results in no raises for their employees, layoffs or reduced benefits! Most workers don’t get state step-pay or more affordable health care! Hansen is really out of touch! But don’t get me wrong! I supported many Red Clay referendums after they were sent back to review with a sharper pencil.

I believe John Marino will push more accountability on government and public education! When John Marino was a police officers he walked among street of poverty! He saw young men and women dying with needles in their arms! He saw homeless people wrapped in cardboard boxes ! John Marino walked the streets protecting citizens! I believe John Marino will walk the talk and deliver good thing to end the Delaware Death Spiral.

Those of you who live in the Delaware 10th Senate District please vote for real change! Please voting for ending the Delaware Death Spiral! Please vote for a better live and future for seniors and their grandchildren! Please vote for John Marino!  



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