Kilroy supports Mike Matthews 100% re: DSEA PREZ

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I’ve been very hard on Mike Matthews during the campaign that end in a tie for President of DSEA  because I have high expectation of Mike! Leadership isn’t about the leader but rather those who are led! I push this poor boy to the Kilroy test and pushed him to the edge! He get’s it! He’ll be on a stage with no curtains and no place to hide! I am confident he’ll deliver! 

“Ready to lead” That’s what it’s about Mike! “Our” public school teachers needs a leader not a puppet! That is why the status quo within doesn’t want you!

Teachers and other members of DSEA if you think it’s a waste to vote because you feel disenfranchised  then stick in the eyes of those who made you feel that way! A vote for Mike Matthews is for real change!

Kilroy was spot on about DSTP, Race to The Top, Commin Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assements! And I am hear to tell you, the vouchers are coming! You better line up shoulder to shoulder now! Don’t let DSEA take you down another Race to The Top road! Cards need to be on the table this go-around!

Vote for Mike Matthews !!!! 



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