Possible serial rapist and kidnapper on the lose in NCC! Immigrant???

Police seek man in 2 NCCo kidnappings, sexual assaults , The News Journal

Investigators believe the assaults have been carried out by the same man, described by police as about 5-feet-8-inches to 5-feet-10-inches, with a medium build and a distinct accent.

WTF ! “Distinct accent” What Hill Billy, New York, Japanese, British, Arab, Ghetto, Mexican or what?  What F’ing kind of game is the county playing?? How can the community be watchful if information is held back!  

Folks crime is out of control in Delaware and not just Wilmington! Streets out of control! Prisons out of control ! And businesses don’t want to relocate in this unsafe state!

Our police and prisons are under staffed! I think it getting close to call out the national guards! 


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