DSEA Back to The Future with Mike Matthews! Will DSEA Trump Mike?

DSEA will hold a runoff election for union president  , The News Journal

Voting in the run­off election will Feb. 27-March 13.

Personally I feel the failed DSEA election process warrants an election redo rather than a runoff! Other candidates such as Danny Rufo were screwed with a questionable out come. The runoff will bring out those who didn’t vote by choice the during the first attempt. Folks the ugly side of education is about to unfold.  

The DSEA runoff is not about teachers and other DSEA members. It’s about protecting a twisted political relationship between DSEA and the political establishment. People want me to shut up about Race to The Top and the Judas connection. Race to The Top was the Trojan Horse that allowed Common Core and the Smarter Balance Assessment to come into play. For sure if DSEA opposed Race to The Top Governor Markell would have went through his threat of cutting education funding causing the layoff of many teachers. DSEA could have done the right thing an said NO and rallied parents to their defense to oppose Markell. The former DSEA president was reward by Markell will a job at DE DOE and the carrot was $$$$$ big. Race to The Top forever changed Delaware’s public education and cause a major foundation crack in DSEA.

Teachers especially you young teachers! Please hear me out! I didn’t outright endorse Mike Matthews during the first election and did everything to piss him off! There were times he wasn’t happen with me and I’d say too F’ing bad! I consider Mike Matthews a dear friend but I limit how far I deviate from my mission for the sake of friendship. I live in this cyber-hole where what I do gains no rewards other than personal satisfaction. I was responsible for writing the first rough drafts for three successful legislation. One for modification of the school board oath of office, one for requiring the Delaware State Board of Education to digitally record the public session of their board meeting and one for requiring all traditional,  votech and charter school boards to do the same. I made a gentleman’s agreement to not run for a seat on Red Clay School Board in exchange for board approve of the Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee where I was one of the founding members. I pushed hard for meaningful financial reports to be displayed on the district website. I served on many district and school committees and the DSPAC. I was close to many of the key players. My association with Mike Matthews started back in 2006 when he was a punk ass college kid. Politically he is on the left but is respected by many on the right! Mike is a very sincere passionate person.

This DSEA runoff is the most important DSEA election in the organization history! The little DSEA Star Chamber is fearful of Mike Matthews. If elected Mike Matthews will be the youngest president in the organization’s history and with youth some fear change. DSEA wants to keep on ticking as they did for many years and fear change. Obviously with only a little over 2000 members out of 12,000 voting there is a sense of members don’t matter. DSEA says, such election turnout is normal! They’ve done nothing to change that equation! Why ? Because, the Star Chamber is more effective manipulating  fewer people to ensure the agenda stays the course. If Mike Matthews wins hopefully he push a bylaw that DSEA standing leadership the president and executive director can not openly endorse DSEA candidates and use DSEA resources to do so! Including phones paid by DSEA and on DSEA property.

I am not a teacher! I am just a parent whose engagement went beyond the line in the sand where parents don’t belong. I am a believer, public schools belong to the public not politicians, school administrators or even unions! They exist to serve the public. When we talk about wraparound services that concept must mean for student, teacher and parents! I think Mike Matthews gets that! But also, he understands the needs of teachers to do their jobs along with their emotional and economic well-being. I am not sure how to express this but I’ll give it a try! DSEA has tunnel vision whereas Mike Matthew’s peripheral vision is alert! DSEA’s going along to get along is getting stale and sure the only thing its done was to limit membership $$ givebacks! DSEA offense tactics is to trip-up anything to due with holding teachers accountable to student achievement based on a state standardized test! I see the merits in that and kind of support it when you have the likes of Rodel the driving force behind those initiatives. DSEA sitting down at a table set by Rodel is fucked up! No doubt being DSEA president is a big job and one you better be careful what you wish for! However, historically being president of DSEA is being more of a poster child for labor whereas the executive director runs the show! Perhaps Mike Matthews is a threat to that power structure! Sorry for the ranting but, I see an organization created to serve its members not fully focused or pulled into a political web not serving its members. DSEA is fractured but thank God locals like RCEA maintain it’s sense of power.

Mike Matthews has the chips stacked against him. There are high-ranking people in his on school district hoping he not be elected to DSEA president. Also, as we know , Mike gets no endorsement from DSEA. What did Mike do to these folks not supporting him? I know! Mike will push that internal political line and question it! Mike get’s pissed at me because I baited him out with some FaceBook and blog posts! His over the top Trump rants are well founded! However, it’s taking his eye of the ball called “issues”. Trump is here to stay but I foresee him stepping down in about two years. But for now, those of us who support traditional public education including Mike Matthews need to fend off “school vouchers”! This issue with protecting our disabled children has it merits! But the fact remains, when it comes to their issues and civil rights we need to address and protect those issues in Delaware and at the state levels which will drive federal policies. I mean no disrespect to Governor Carney but the fact remains he is the quarterback when it comes to Delaware’s public education. To expect him to undo charter schools is a fantasy! As governor he’ll have to find balanced between school choice options. Federally funded school vouchers will come tucked in block grants! Meaning if you want the money you must take the voucher program with it! However, Carney must tale a stance not to use state money of force districts to use local money! There is the old saying , “you need to think outside the box!” My message to Mike Matthews is step outside the box from time to time and take a hard look.  We all trusted Jack Markell in 2008 and he put it to us! Jack Markell severely damaged public education and may have set the stage for school vouchers! He suckered DSEA into blindingly signing Race to The Top MOU! They signed onto a “MOU” and didn’t even know the plan! DSEA as it sands won’t put Governor Carney on the stop to at least give his position on school vouchers because they “trust” him! In my opinion I believe they saying, a good defense is a good offense.

Mike Matthews doesn’t have the resources to defend himself from a DSEA offensive. And sadly, it is possible member’s dues are indirectly being use to control election outcome. If DSEA leadership is engaging in bias campaigning during their normal work hours, using DSEA provided equipment at home or using DSEA member provided data via DSEA membership profiles and via DSEA server we have a conflict issue! In my opinion , membership dues sound not support any activities in DSEA elections. Don’t get me wrong ! I am not saying this is happening! I stated it is possible and if! But putting that opinion aside, I think its unhealthy for sitting DSEA senior officials to openly or in the shadows support DSEA candidates. It set the stage for all the “possible and ifs” I am concern with.

Mike Matthews might not be the anointed one! Why ? What are they afraid of  ? Mike is NO WAY a Republican plant! If leaders of a failing organization are opposing one candidate and supporting another directly or indirectly they right candidate is the one they oppose!

To all you DSEA members teachers and non-teachers! PLEASE VOTE and if you feel disenfranchised by DSEA its more the reason to vote for Mike Matthews.  To you new teachers who just want to teach and not get involved in the political bullshit! You better vote because in a few short years you’ll feel the pain and abandonment may seasoned teachers feels.

To Danny Rufo! Dude you got screwed re: runoff vs redo! It sucks and sadly it is what it is! I urge you to encourage your supporters to vote for Mike Matthews.

To Red Clay teachers and other eligible voters five years out from retirement! I know about the personal loyalty being that two players are Red Clay. But I ask you for the sake of real change and repairing the faith in membership! Please support Mike Matthews.




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