John Young’s heart in the right place while board member Evan’s head up ass!

That specifically is what board member George Evans objected to. He had several concerns about the resolution, not least of which it would place district staff and administrators “in the line of fire” by asking them to deny requests made by federal agents.

“It takes a position to present a demand or obstacles to federal officials who may want to take some action either at a school or something along those lines,” he said, adding, “That’s not the way the law works.”

He wanted the resolution to be vetted by the district’s lawyers or edited down substantially. He also wished to remove parts of the resolution that told staff not to ask about families immigration status, calling it “censorship.”

First I like to said, I am skeptical of this board resolution feeling its nothing more than an attack on the President of The United States. But same could be said of board members opposing Race to The Top. HOWEVER, I know John Young and he is sincere and is truly concerned for all children. Personal I take issue with those in this country illegally! But I’ll set that aside.

On to board member Evans. His opinion is his but in my opinion its full of shit! All school district should protect student records! If state or federal law enforcement or agencies want access the should be required to produce a warrant! The only obstacle present would be those individuals not following due process!

Undocumented children even if illegal immigrants should stay out of the fight. The Criminal process should start with illegal parents. Therefore, if law enforcement or the federal government wants to hang school records as bases for probably cause for criminal action then we have a more serious problem in this county with our Constitution. Mr. Evans, the law is to work using the law and due process. Should children be afford less than a biker club when it come to legal due process?  

Children of illegal parents aren’t criminals! Also, Delaware law does not prohibit children of illegal parents for receiving public education! I wonder, should the same government agents have access to employees and administration records without following due process?

Mr. Young’s harmless resolution has open a can worms! Does the district freely disturb student file information without following legal due process? Would Mr. Evans feel the same if the witch-hunt was on African-Americans associated with Black Lives Matter? Would Mr. Evan step aside allowing free access to student records! Did Mr. Evans take the same school board member oath as Mr. Young? I believe there is something about the State and U.S. Constitution in that oath and nothing within suggest government is exempt from provision within. Therefore, school board members are obligated to protect the rights of school children within their district! Interesting! 


4 responses to “John Young’s heart in the right place while board member Evan’s head up ass!

  1. “Mr. Young’s harmless resolution has open a can worms!”
    1. The resolution is not harmless. It commits a district to continue to assign resources to students, who may or may not have legal rights to the services provided by the legal residents of the community.
    2. The resolution commits or attempts to commit the district to openly defy Federal immigration law.
    3. The resolution sides with a partisan court decision Plyler vs. Poe which places districts, states and federal law in an incongruent situation.
    While children here illegally may not have initiated the criminal act of illegally crossing the U.S. border (their parents or relatives did), their presence does in fact, place an undue burden on the LIMITED RESOURCES(schools), paid for by legal citizens. If the children or families are undocumented, what is being used to allow their entrance into the school. Doesn’t the school request some form of identification to place the child in school?? Birth certificate-from where? Drivers license? – issued to illegal residents? Why would we issue legal documents to people or children who are not legally here? Wait, Governor’s like Markel and Gerry Brown did just this. Hmmm, connecting the dots now voters?? Granting legal documents to illegal residents grants them legal status. See the conundrum? Your public institutions, your school board members, your mayors, your former POS POTUS and your governors are or are attempting to ENABLE ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR.
    Should drug addicts be enabled to buy more drugs?
    Should physical abusers be enabled to commit more abuse?
    Should child abusers be enabled to commit abuse again?
    Should individuals who cross a country’s border illegally be enabled to live normal lives?
    Well, if you answer YES to the first 3 then I guess you’d answer YES to the fourth. If you answered NO to the first 3, you should be answering NO to fourth. That is not what John Young’s proposal or the Plyler vs. Doe case does. It is incongruent with the rule of law and incongruent with the rights of citizens.


  2. Should idiotic, brow-beating. hate-mongering racists be allowed to continue posting inane, off-topic comments that distract attention from the reality of an important issue and are intended to convince fellow fear-mongering bigots that their cause is “just” and “patriotic”?
    John Kowalko


  3. JK – I don’t comment much anymore. But, “idiotic, brow-beating, hate-mongering racists” who post “inane, off-topic comments that distract attention from the reality of important issue” have the same right to free speech as you and me – the non-idiotic, non-brow-beating, non-hate-mongering racists – so long as their speech does not impinge on our other constitutional rights.

    I sincerely hope JY’s resolution comes back as a vetted board policy. Schools like churches should be treated as sanctuaries. While there is no formal law that affirms churches as sanctuaries, it has consistently been a practice to not involve faith in state/federal issues due to the constitutional promise of the separation between church and state. What CSD and all Delaware school districts need is legislation that affirms that churches and schools are sanctuaries from immigration officials. Both should be strongholds that protect our children from aggressive efforts to “drain the swamp” of illegal immigrants. Alternatively, Gov. Carney could re-affirm fmr. Gov. Markell’s 2015 statement that Delaware will welcome refugees.

    Regardless of where they are born, children should always be a protected class.


  4. Merely a rhetorical question for M Ryder although he’ll probably need to google “rhetorical”
    John K.


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