The Voucher are coming! Hide your school age children re:H.R. 610

All Bill Information (Except Text) for H.R.610 – To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students and to repeal a certain rule relating to nutrition standards in schools.

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Introduced in House (01/23/2017)

Choices in Education Act of 2017

This bill repeals the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and limits the authority of the Department of Education (ED) such that ED is authorized only to award block grants to qualified states.

The bill establishes an education voucher program, through which each state shall distribute block grant funds among local educational agencies (LEAs) based on the number of eligible children within each LEA’s geographical area. From these amounts, each LEA shall: (1) distribute a portion of funds to parents who elect to enroll their child in a private school or to home-school their child, and (2) do so in a manner that ensures that such payments will be used for appropriate educational expenses.

To be eligible to receive a block grant, a state must: (1) comply with education voucher program requirements, and (2) make it lawful for parents of an eligible child to elect to enroll their child in any public or private elementary or secondary school in the state or to home-school their child.

No Hungry Kids Act

The bill repeals a specified rule that established certain nutrition standards for the national school lunch and breakfast programs. (In general, the rule requires schools to increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat free milk in school meals; reduce the levels of sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat in school meals; and meet children’s nutritional needs within their caloric requirements.)

We’ve been bitching for years to eliminate the United States Department of Education as we know it!  We’ve been bitching for years about the overreach of the United States Department of Education into local decision making!

As far as school nutrition, the states can set the same standards! So no big loss! And it’s time to end pizza! Back in my day, pizza day was a slice cheese and sauce on a two halves of a flat sandwich roll sprinkled with oregano made by the lunch ladies.

The bottom-line is, federally funded school vouchers will be targeted towards Title 1 students! If you think about it, Title 1 students are the most undeserved! Many say, Title 1 was an unfunded program! But hello! It was meant to be supplemental funding and not meant for federally funded teacher to be counted in the state unit count re: class size act. I oppose school vouchers because we’ll see privates school popup that won’t serve these children any better than many traditional public schools  and charter schools designed for at-risk students.  

Transitional public schools have become a Titanic where charter schools and magnet schools are so-called lifeboats. Former Governor Carper and Markell torpedoed traditional schools them with signing the charter school law and supporting a Wall Street ponzi schemes like Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Also allowing the likes of Rodel to have a stronger voice in reform than parents.  

If this legislation makes it to law Governor John Carney will say, “they made an offer we can’t refuse”! He won’t let the block grant go by! Delaware is $$$$$ hurting thanks to Jack Markell! Delaware will be face with take the money with the Trojan Horse or not! If we don’t many public and charter school teachers will be unemployed! At-risk  Charter schools will collapse!  

The real question what kind of parent would even want to participate in a school voucher program! Why is the Fed pushing something nobody wants? 


9 responses to “The Voucher are coming! Hide your school age children re:H.R. 610

  1. “The real question what kind of parent would even want to participate in a school voucher program!”
    What kind of parent you ask??? A parent who doesn’t want to submit their child to an environment where they might be assaulted, might be stabbed in the bathroom, accosted, stolen from, and receive education based on the lowest common denominator. It really isn’t that hard to understand. What IS hard to believe, is that our Traditional Public schools continue to ignore the elephant in the room that their first priority is education, NOT equity, NOT social justice, NOT redistribution and NOT transfer payments.

    “Why is the Fed pushing something nobody wants?” NOBODY WANTED RTTT. The state WANTED the money. NOBODY really wanted common core, the state/ FED WANTED the money. Nobody(i.e.: parents) ‘wanted’ it. The government WANTED it which is why we got it.

    A Solution for the State to reduce their need to take Federal money. Make it a right to work state and end prevailing wage. Instant money saver. Then you could tell the Fed’s, we don’t need your money. Think DE and the Dems will do that? No, because they want to keep the people dependent on Federal/ State control. It is a damned thing when voting and selecting politicians has consequences. Choose politicians who’ll promise everything with other people’s money and you’ll run out of other people’s money. Choose politicians who suckle on the unions’ financial nipple and they’ll continue to protect the unions from accountability.

    A solution for the TPS’s is to fundamentally recognize that education and behavior come first.


    • lastDEconservative

      “What IS hard to believe, is that our Traditional Public schools continue to ignore the elephant in the room that their first priority is ((SUPPOSED TO BE)) education, NOT equity, NOT social justice, NOT redistribution and NOT transfer payments.”

      ((Editor’s correction)) You’re welcome, M. We all know, except the dude below that EQUITY,, ARE the TPS’s priorities.


  2. Steven Fackenthall

    Our schools DO recognize that education comes first. The issue becomes when other issues inhibit that from happening so what do you do? M. Ryder, are you going to come in to help that child cope and deescalate the situation or you coming in to remove them from school. If removing them, where do they go?

    Right to Work for less, eh? Dismantle those dang unions, right? Let’s put more kids in those classes and take away an educators’ voice. So who speaks up for, in your terms, the “lowest common denominator”?

    Last questions, when was the last time you visited a public school?


    • Steve, Do you use a pair of vise grips to remove a splinter? Do you go to a heart surgeon to get a colonoscopy? Should we be using Educational resources to funnel NON-educational social services to residents (Clothing, crisis counseling, food, behavioral remediation for violence, theft, physical/ emotional abuse) while WITHHOLDING educational resources from those larger percentage of residents who do not need NON-educational social services?

      I do recognize the problems that some children enter school with. The real issue is that for many years the SJW’s along with TPS’s have been on path to use the school as a non-educational social services funnel. The school’s cannot serve dual masters simultaneously. They have focused or been forced to deal with the Social issues and diminished their educational resources. What’s more important; that Johnny be fed and clothed, or that Johnny can read, add 2+2, and intellectually interact with people? Both are important but the latter is the PURPOSE of public education, the former is not.

      Student removal?- Who’s rights are being more infringed; the larger majority of students wanting a good education who can’t get it OR the minority of maladjusted students who defy the the sensible opportunity education provides?
      “De-escalate the situation” – Read: appease/ pacify the disruption/ dysfunction. Where do they go? Good question- maybe to their parents (you know the ones who brought the children into the world) Your next question will be: What if the parents are the problem? Another good question. One that public schools cannot and should not be tasked with answering. The only way to really deal with that is remove the kids from their dysfunctional circumstance or have them submitted to a behavioral modification program. Are you prepared to do what needs to be done or just keep passing the buck onto the schools, taxpayers and teachers that can’t do it? Please hand me the screwdriver to remove the bolt? Wrong tool (school) for the job of social services.

      This isn’t about being unsympathetic, this is about using our limited resources in a way they are intended and have a capacity to be effective. Schools are supposed to be educators. Non-Educational Social Services are intended to serve the other social issues.


    • “Right to work”, -last I checked the freedom to assemble and associate with whomever you want was in the Bill of Rights. The issue is the Union’s demands to collect money from people who do NOT want to associate with the union. SO, who is really the problem? Those who want to be able to choose who they associate with OR those who want to force an association for the financial benefits of socialism? My point is, you can have your union if you want it, no one is stopping you. Whoever wants to join, can. It is the union and supporters like yourself that want to demand everyone must be a ‘comrade’. If the union can offer benefits that people want to pay for and be a part of, then more power to them. If the union can’t, well… you have your answer for why unions are inherently conflicted. Did you see in the DNJ that Chicago and Illionois have 10 BILLION dollars of underfunded educational pension liabilities? Seems like the unions have done a mighty fine job of speaking up for their members pockets, the rest of the state taxpayers, many of whom don’t have pensions….NOT SO MUCH.

      350 million dollar Delaware budget shortfall. Route 301 bypass will cost 421 million in labor costs alone. Without the prevailing wage requirement, the cost would be 1/2 that- 210million That’s a 210 million savings for one project. How much was spent on Route 1???? Still think Delaware’s budget woes are the result of regular taxpayers?? Democrat legislators dug this hole appeasing the unions. Let THEM pony up the lost revenues.


    • I am in public schools quite often, I have even guest taught on some rare occasions and no doubt our SJW’s and Social redistribution defenders are in full view. Yes there are some children who truly have difficult circumstances. I fully recognize that but schools CANNOT fix a lot of those problems unless the schools remove the children from their homes. Giving them a reprieve from the chaotic home life is admirable but if they have to go back to the chaos, you’re not fixing it. But you are, in fact, taking resources away from the other non-disruptive / engaged students and that is wrong. Which has resulted in engaged non-disruptive students seeking better educational alternatives. Get TPS’s to focus on their mandate of education for a larger portion of students and voucher/ charter demand will go down.


  3. So parents assume that lil johnny has a voucher that Sanford, Tower Hill, St. Andrews, Salesianum, Ursuline will just allow them in? Lawsuits waiting to happen


  4. M ryder, I agree…so I assume you are advocating spending more money on child mental health? residential treatment centers? more state workers to address these problems in a clinical setting?
    Excellent my man! I assume this will in fact raise our taxes but if it gets those kids of which you speak out of TPS and getting the help they need it will clear the way for good kids to get the attention they need. Problem solved!


  5. M Ryder I agree, students with emotional issues take a lot of resources away from TPS kids and teachers. Those resources would be better spent on non-emo kids. I’m on board. However, I can only assume that you are also advocating increasing child mental health budgets to include residential treatment centers and alternative school programs. They can be quite pricey. But it certainly would be a shot in the arm of our public school system if these kids are removed. Maybe this should be the push-getting the disrupters the mental health and environments that they need. Good call my man.