Is Delaware AG Denn obligated re: Fed Judge latest (2/7/201 one Fisker’s deception)? Then there is the tax deadbeat Wanxiang keeping the Red Clay mice in the corner !

Fisker Automotive Can’t Escape Investor Suit Alleging Fraud By John Kennedy /LAW 360 

Law360, New York (February 7, 2017, 8:10 PM EST) — A Delaware federal judge on Tuesday declined to dismiss a shareholder suit against electric carmaker Fisker Automotive that alleges the company lied about its shaky financial footing prior to its 2013 bankruptcy, finding that the investors had made a sufficient case for common law fraud.
For each misstatement or omission alleged by the plaintiffs, Fisker Automotive and the other defendants — including members of its board of directors — sought to persuade the court that the investors were warned “repeatedly and extensively” about the risks they claimed were hidden. U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson disagreed, finding that the company was “using the wrong procedural tool” and hadn’t adequately focused its argument on the investors’ allegations.

OMG here come the judge!!!!!!!!!! Where is Delaware AG Denn in this fight for Jack Markell’s $21 million dollar sucker bet on Fisker?  

And look  at the deadbeat Wanxiang America Inc refusing to pay taxes now over due! : Tax and Sewer Info for Parcel # 0704210055 County Balance Due $81,473.82 & School Balance Due: $998,327.24

Red Consolidated School District school board sits around with their thumbs up there ass and refuses to put a lien against that property! The district leader tells me to contact my elected officials! Hello Merv McFly, our school board members are public elected officials! The batch of Red Clay school board mice rather hide in the corner and stick the tax shortfall  to local school taxpayers with another referendum.

I am doing all I can as a citizen to stand up for the community while the school board play political stupid card! I don’t want to give up my power and run for school board but there is a seat open in my board district! I assure you, if I run I will get elected and then I am going to expose the truth! I can’t believe the cowardly board can’t even write a joint letter to Wanxiang telling them the importance of going a good corporate community citizen

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015; Governor joins Wanxiang Group and China General Chamber of Commerce in signing agreement to send more students to study in China for next two years.

Wilmington, DE – In a continuing effort to ensure Delaware students have the best opportunities to learn a second language, Governor Markell today announced the expansion of a China summer abroad program for high school students studying Mandarin.

The Governor signed an agreement with representatives of Wanxiang Group, China’s largest auto parts manufacturer, and China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A (CGCC)., the largest non-profit organization representing Chinese enterprises in the United States, for additional grants that will expand next summer’s cohort and add a third cohort in 2017. The program, begun this year, allows students to study for four weeks at Wanxiang facility in Hangzhou, China, where they take daily language classes, visit local schools, participate in cultural activities, and tour sites of science and technology companies as part of a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum.

O SHIT ! Markell is in the mix! I won’t if he cut a deal with Wanxiang to pay for trips to China and forget about local school taxes ?

“I am grateful to Wanxiang and the CGCC for their partnership and for their commitment to Delaware’s efforts to increase innovative language learning opportunities and make ours the most bilingual state.”

Joined by students and teachers from Mandarin classes at A.I. duPont High School in the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Markell signed the agreement with Chen Xu, chairman of CGCC and president and chief executive office of Bank of China USA, and Wanxiang Project Manager Daniel Li, who represented Executive Vice President of Wanxiang Group Pin Ni.

In January 2015, Wanxiang and Delaware signed an agreement for the company to commit about $450,000 to fund the study abroad sessions in 2015 and 2016. Today’s agreement adds to that, bringing Wanxiang’s commitment to $675,000 over three years. Also new is a $75,000 grant from CGCC USA. Thanks to these commitments, the program will be able to continue through 2017 and fund up to 30 students each year of the next two years along with the chaperones.

WFT ??? It appears Pin Ni pulled a Shanghai Hustle pulling his extended hand out for collaboration with Red Clay then jams one in their back by not paying owed school taxes!  

What a mess! Red Clay plays clueless and Denn’s putz butt buddy Jack Markell wheels and deals with tax deadbeat like Pin Ni. 

WFT ? Pin Ni 拉一上海喧闹的拉他的手的协作与红色粘土的卡纸的一种, 其后以不支付欠学校的税! 什么的一团糟! 红粘土起满地的 Denn 普茨枪托的好友 Jack Markell 车轮和涉及税死搏 Pin 等 Ni。



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