The law that kept Delaware legislators in check re: public education laws was repealed in 2002! Senator Sokola buried it because the law was being violated !

Delaware state legislators killed legislation holding them accountable

Delaware Code Title 14 Chapter 2 Subchatper I 207. Legislative educational impact statement Before education legislation is voted upon by ether House of the General Assembly, the Legislative Council and Controller General shall perform and issue a written education impact analysis of such proposed legislation. The Department of Education and Budget Office shall provide support to Legislative Council and the Controller General in preparing such analysis. Each education impact analysis shall address the following criteria: (1) Whether the proposed legislation is justified because it will help improve student achievement as measured against state achievement standards; (2) Whether the proposed legislation is justified because it will help ensure that all students receive an equitable education, that their health and safety are adequately protected, and that their legal rights are respected; (3) Whether the proposed legislation preserves the necessary authority and flexibility of decision-makers at the local board and school level and does not place unnecessary reporting or administrative requirements or mandates upon them; (4) Whether the proposed legislation places decision-making authority and accountability for addressing the subject to be regulated in the same entity; (5) Whether the proposed legislation is consistent with and not as impediment to the implementation of other state education policies, in particular to the state educational policies addressing achievement in the core academic subjects of mathematics, science, language arts and social studies; (6) Whether there is a loss burdensome method for addressing the purpose of the proposed legislation; and

(7) The cost to the state and local school board of compliance with the proposed legislation. § 207.

Legislative educational impact statements. Repealed by 73 Del. Laws, c. 312, § 334, effective June 25, 2002.


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