The John Marino senate express is picking up steam!

Exceptional Delaware Endorses John Marino For The 10th Senate District by Exceptional Delaware 

Let it be known, throughout the State of Delaware, that I proudly endorse John Marino for the 10th Senate District special election on February 25th.

O shit Kevin! No you didn’t! For sure they’ll take you honorary DSEA badge away! 🙂

Marino’s campaign is taking on momentum and Kilroy calls it by 9% for Marino. 




2 responses to “The John Marino senate express is picking up steam!

  1. Dude, they took that badge away over a year ago.


  2. The logic is starting to take hold of all those who have genuflected at the altar of the blue (government is the answer) party for too long. There might be hope yet.

    The bushy lipped, fluffy haired one will surely revoke the fairy dust he sprinkled on you for this. Then again, the bushy lipped, fluffy haired one doesn’t play nice with even his own peeps.
    Upon further thought, that fairy dust, may not be fairy dust at all. It’s white, it sparkles, but Lord knows what’s in it or what it does to people. I bet he uses it at all those “Friendly’s” meetings and puts it in the attendees coffee while calling it ‘sweetener’. So that’s how he gets people to vote for him!

    Good Luck John M, the blue sharks that inhabit these waters have been known to eat just about anything: Red fish, purple fish, and blue fish. Best bet is to bring a boom stick just in case.