Devos’s school vouchers can’t penetrate Delaware unless Governor Carney opens the gate like Jack Markell did for RTTT

All the spinning of wheels and baby-fits about Betsy Devos is a waste! If it wasn’t her it would of been whoever Trump selected next. Vouchers are part of the agenda and it will start with special needs students and high poverty students and then migrate to all students.

I oppose school vouchers and will fight against them. I’ve said it many times, traditional public schools “had” to fail to justify charter schools and charter schools “had” to fail to justify school vouchers. And I mean “had” to fail as part of the design and agenda! The there is the other white meat called magnet schools.

Many of us attending traditional public school in the 6o’s and 70’s had amazing school full of services for all needs including great extracurricular programs.  However, they were lacking in services for special needs students.

Delaware school choice law does suck because it has many barriers such as inadequate transportation for our most neediest students. Charter and magnet school cherry picking the highest performing students. Charter school “designed” for low performing minority children that creates a de facto segregation school system. We need to close all charter and magnet schools and go back to schools designed to serve all students! No doubt we need to expand vocational schools and vocational programs in all schools. Back in the day, Kilroy’s traditional public school offered wood-shop, metal-shop, drafting classes aka mechanical drawling and it has honor level programs. Our school colors were blue and gold! The school had blue honors for B student and gold honors for A students. Teachers were always ready to stay after school for those student asking for help.

Sadly to say, with all the bitching and screaming over Betsy Devos is pure politics nothing more! Yes parents too ! Then of course labor fighting for self-preservation. Again, I oppose school vouchers and will side with anyone who wants to fight! We need to shore up Delaware gates and make damn sure our governor knows our position! The federal voucher attack will come the same way Race to The Top did via grants not mandates. The federal government can not mandate school vouchers! Only the state government can do that! I hope our legislators jump and make a resolution oppose state and federal seeded school vouchers ! It all has to start someone before the runaway train heads down the track like Race to The Top , Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment.

I believe in the spirit of school choice however, Delaware has proven school choice does not met the spirit of free and equitable education for all! Public funded schools in Delaware doesn’t have door swinging equal for all.

To all you traditional public school teachers! Thank you for taking each child the comes through your classroom doors as equal students.  


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