Make Delaware great again! John Marino for State Senate!


State government has broken our school system. Due to over-testing, heavy-handed bureaucracy and a lack of support for our teachers, our local schools have to work twice as hard to provide a quality education for our young people. I support legislation to reign in and minimize burdensome state tests, as well as an unequivocal policy that parents are the only authority to decide what tests their children take. A parent has the natural right to remove their child from any test or school activity — anytime, anywhere. No government should be given even the smallest opportunity to infringe on parental rights.

I also support letting teachers teach. I support building-level control and more money in the classroom. Our education bureaucracy has only grown and grown. It’s hurting our children, costing more taxpayer money and the people in power in the Senate have encouraged that growth at every turn. We can’t get the schools we deserve unless we change the people making the decisions and restore balance to state government.

Marino position on education is aligned with what “parents” wants to give back control of the classroom to teachers! 

No government should be given even the smallest opportunity to infringe on parental rights.

POWERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!

I also support letting teachers teach.

POWERFUL !!!!!!!!!

I support building-level control and more money in the classroom.

POWERFUL !!!!!!!!!

Parents public education is at a crossroad once again! This time many teachers are discourage to a point they don’t even want to vote for new leadership in their state labor organization. Only 1 out of every 6 eligible voting member voted! 2000 members of a 12000 member organization voted! Obviously many teachers feel abandoned. Well I can see why! There organization sucker them into supporting Race to The Top and Common Core Standards! The Smarter Balanced Assessment was clearly seeded in Race to The Top. Students who graduated in 2016 endured three different types and methods of state testing and pilot testing in-between during the K-12 public school years. But wait ! The average classroom teacher wasn’t responsible! They relied on the leaders of the teacher organizations some refer to as unions. Sadly they were misled! The union peace broker sold out for a job at DE DOE as a reward for rounding up the clueless sheep!

I support labor and will get in John Marino’s face if he infringes on labors rights to due process. But Delaware teacher local organizations need to regroup! The need to become a stronger voice at “their” local level and not always follow the Pie-Pipers of their state organization. There political endorsement of those seeking public office like John Marino should be made at the individual local education organizations within each school districts. Currently their state organization makes the endorsement based on so-called all members. However with the disenfranchisement of teachers and other members at the local level, the endorsement at the state level is representative of the core power within that organization.

My only message to John Marino is don’t support school voucher until at least all public funded schools aka traditional , magnet, votech and charter schools doors swing the same. Meaning no entrance tests, no looking at students performance of their current school and radius barriers such as the 5 mile raduis preference. So what I am saying is, all schools be treated as if they were traditional schools. If you live in a given public school district all votech, magnet and charter schools within are open to choice with no restriction to  enrollment beyond a “transparent” lottery system when applications exceeds open seats.  Of course this would never happen therefore. vouchers should never happen.


Crime is a serious problem in Delaware. Our largest city was called “Murder Town USA” just two years ago and that affects us all. Why has our current party in power turned a blind eye to this issue? Instead, while crime rises, the people in charge of the Senate spent last year making life easier for convicted felons, including restoring voting rights to felons who haven’t even paid restitution to their victims. As a retired police officer, I’ve witnessed first-hand the devastating effects crime has both on suburbs and inner cities. With heroin-related crime increasing in Delaware, we must make the distinction between true compassion for the addicted and hard time for the dealers and criminals. The safety of our neighbors and friends is incredibly important. We can’t get the safety and security we require unless we change the people making the decisions and restore balance to state government.

AMEN TO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jack Markell is no doubt the worst governor of Delaware in the state’s history and without a doubt the worst on public schools. Many of Jack Markell political colleagues allowed Jack to own them! When it came to public schools many were enablers!

John Marino’s vision in giving back public education to its rightful owners “parents” is right on track! The “public” in public schools means just that “public”not politicians and the leaches that dwell within labor organization. Teachers and parents know best for their children!    


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  1. Karen Thompson

    John Marino’s stand on education will be an asset for parents, as well as their children for a better education! John Marino is aware of the crime issue here in Delaware and since he is a retired police officer he will have the knowledge to provide better options for security in our state and help reduce the heroin epicemic here in Delaware!