Daily Archives: January 31, 2017

To those bitching about Devos who signed onto Race to The Top and kissed Governor Markell’s ass SHUT UP !!!

I don’t support Devos for U.S. Secretary of Education because I don’t believe in school vouchers aka the final blow to traditional public school. Yea I voted for Trump ! But look at all the Obama and Jack Markell lovers who jumped in bed with them re: Race to The Top and it’s evil twin Common Core Standards with their offspring The Smarter Balanced Assessment it tow.

Many tell me to shut up about Race to The Top and how every local Delaware  teacher  union and the mother-ship DSEA supported the Race to The Top MOU. Then there was the limo deal! Let it go Kilroy! It’s water under the bridge!

I have no beefs about people bitching about Devos nomination however, those who had the voice and power to stop Jack Markell shouldn’t have a voice in the issue! But yea I know, freedom of speech! Go for it ! But we know!

When teacher organizations sometimes called unions can’t get their own members out to vote for local union leaders you’d think the leaders would wake-up and smell the coffee!  Sure Trump is a bad seed of sorts but who trumped a local union election?

BUT! Lets make this clear! Delaware’s education mess is a direct result of Race to The Top fallout! And where is Governor John Carney on the Devos nomination ????????? Where is Governor John Carney on school vouchers?? The same damn people who let Jack Markell walk on all teachers are silent. Give Governor John Carney a chance! Well he had his chance to oppose Devos! Perhaps he supports school vouchers!

Odds are Devos will be the next  U.S. Sec of Education. The real question is can we contain Governor Carney from pulling a Jack Markell and buy into another competitive grant this time with school vouchers laced in?  

Union members didn’t vote because they were abandon and fed to the Race to The Top wolves by their leaders! The call for solidarity after being fucked is a joke !