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Will Governor Carney turn a blind-eye to DE DOE’s skewed high school dropout data?

Charters say they will be resource after graduation , The News Journal

More than 40 percent of Delaware students who dropped out of high school in 2014-15 were African-American, while about 37 percent were white and 18 percent Hispanic, according to the Department of Education.

See page 11 Table 9 of the Delaware Dropout Report; School Year 2014-2015 report date March 2016;  41.2% of all dropouts were African-American Students , 40.6% White Students and 18.2% Hispanic Students. See page 19 Table 19; Annual Dropout Rate 2.8% African American, 1.7 White and 3.2 Hispanic. Overall Annual Dropout Rate 2.2%

This is from page 3 Highlights; During the 2014-2015 school year, 2.8% of African American, 3.2% of Hispanic and 1.6% of White/Other students dropped out. However, page 19 Table 19 reports an annual dropout rate for Whites 1.7%. Small error of .1%. The News Journal decided to round-off. However, the New Journal used data from page 5 Table 1 but still rounded off!

The Delaware Department of Education for years tried to manipulate the high school dropout data to appease Governor Jack Markell who desperately want to show improvement in Delaware’s high school dropout rate! There are many errors in calculations and the method used in obtaining data has varied. The data is skewed!

My point! Sure 40% of students who dropout of high school were African-American. However, someone could easily read into it , 40% of African-American students dropout out of high school. And the same for White Student at 37%.

When Jack Markell became governor 2007-2008 the Delaware High School Dropout rate was 5.8% with 7.8% African-American, 4.6% White and in 2014-2015 it was 2.2% with 2.8% African American and 1.7% White.  The variable between African-American and White students in 2007-2008 was 3.2% and in 2014-2015 it was 1.1%. Delaware Department of Education data is skewed to a point its unreliable. However, the has been a closure in the achievement gap relevant to the rate of high school graduation between African-American students and White students!

Delaware “parents” need a more simplified report on high school dropout rates to a point of knowing the % of dropout subgroups within individual high schools. Currently as you can see in Table 13, the high school reports by total number of students not by individual subgroups.  Which high school has the highest number of African-American student dropout? What are the variable of African-American dropout across each Delaware high schools? Which high school has made the most improvements in providing educational services to African-American?  Going to a high school “where my friends go” sounds so nice but wouldn’t it be nice to know which high school serves African-Americans better?