Delaware state teacher association fails to get out the vote for new leadership! Appears only 1 out of 6 members voted

Nothing has been verified so what I am about to say is an  opinion and observation. Apparently an E-mail went out that the race for DSEA tied! Mike Matthews and  Karen Crouse (current Vice President of DSEA) What are the odds of a tie?

This part is very disturbing! Of nearly 12,000 DSEA member only a little more than 2000 ballots were cast. I don’t have verification on these numbers but an unidentified insider told me.

Early on in this 14 day election process and yes I did say 14 days! There were many comments on FaceBook that ballots DSEA E-mailed may have went into Spam Filters on the receiving parties end. Members were advised to called DSEA for a paper ballot. All in all only 2000 ballots mailed and / or E-mailed?

If all this is true one must think teachers and the other eligible members must feel disenfranchised by DSEA.

Delaware’s traditional public education has taken a beating ever since Jack Markell became governor! Jack open the gates of hell allow the overreaching USDOE into local control. He was their puppet!

So what is next? My gut instincts tell me Mike Matthews won’t be the winner in this tied race and somehow it will be decided by the DSEA Executive Board! I honestly don’t know how that process work. A voice early on prior to the start of voting whispered , “they have it in for him”.

I honestly feel DSEA will imploded and may feel the financial impact. It pretty bad only 1 in 6 members voted! Again, I could be wrong but info I am getting comes from creditable sources.

Folks the vouchers are coming and a weakened DSEA might not be able to fend off federally inspired school vouchers!  

I urge every local teacher association to come together and draft a letter to Delaware Governor John Carney asking him to publicly state his position  on school vouchers via a state and /or federal push.

Just in and again not confirmed!

11,862 eligible members with 1944 votes!! Again not confirmed to be fact!




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