School Tax deadbeats like Wanxiang prevents Delaware from expanding basic special education services @wanxiang

Many agree Delaware special ed bill is needed, but there’s no money for it Matthew Albright and Jessica Bies , The News Journal

Special education advocates say Delaware’s school funding system is denying important help to almost 2,500 of the state’s youngest students.

Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, is sponsoring a bill she says would fix that. Yet, despite widespread support, it is one of many proposals that has little chance of passing because of a projected $350 million state budget gap.

“I know money is an issue for the state,” Williams said. “But we invested all of this money into our early learning programs, and yet we have that void there in our elementary schools. This is something we really need to change.”

Williams’ bill would provide school districts extra money for students in grades K-3 who are in the “basic” special needs category.

There’s money to be reallocated! Get rid of the Chinese language immersion program! What as waste that is! I’ll be only 1% of students a best will grow up and use Chinese in a business application! There there is the charter school slush fund! What about the waste at top heavy DE DOE 

Acknowledging this, Williams tweaked the bill this year to phase in the services — and their costs. In the 2017-2018 school year, it would cost the state $1.7 million and districts $650,000; by 2020-2021, the state would be paying $12.2 million and districts would be paying $4.5 million.

What about deadbeat corporation not their school taxes such as with Wanxiang = School Balance Due:$989,251.54 with $845,970.79 owed Red Clay with the rest owed to NCCVT. Red Clay says, hands are tied go to your elected official and complain! I did to Red Clay School Board !!!! Crickets !!!!!!!! Red Clay can put a lien on the property which will jam Wanxiang’s pending sale! However, as you can see plenty of money out there! 

“If they don’t have the basic skills there by third grade, it sets them up to have a more challenging time all the way through,” Williams said. “If we’re really serious about this, we’ll find a way to get the resources.”

Amen to that Kim !


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