Conrad Alumni sends smoke signal to Red Clay Admin, Board and Conrad ! Re: Mascot / Logo

From Conrad Community Member 

An open letter to the Conrad Student Body from members of Conrad Alumni Association

Last week thanks to the kindness of a community member we received the ideas of the Conrad Schools of Science Mascot/Logo Committee. We understand you are voting for one of these symbols over the next three days. We see that you have put time and effort into this process which is laudable. However we are a little confused and are wondering why the original logo is not being offered as an option? We outline the facts below.

A group of us visited your principal in the fall and he explained the process.

He also said this group would be choosing a new Mascot. At that meeting we requested the following:

 To be kept in the loop during the process

 If at all possible have a representative from the alumni come visit you to share history and answer any questions as to why the logo is important to the community and the association. Upon leaving we felt he was open to doing that. This did not occur since we never got to meet with you. We are confused because we do not know at what point who decided the process. This is unfortunate now since we only been given conjecture as to why the logo is not being considered and no facts.

 At a recent alumni association meeting we were informed by the principal he would bring you our concerns. Did this happen?

 Receiving this information has left us at a disadvantage. Along with your student body — there is a large group of people — besides students — who are alumni and community members that have had to accept the vote of the school board dropping the name Redskins. Although not in agreement we have no choice but to accept the decision of these 4 people.

 The school board instructed the school administration to come up with a process that included students AND also instructed district personnel to continue with an education piece that would be shared with all of you — so you would have information that would help you make a balanced recommendation. This was never done. In politely accepting these guidelines our hope was:

 There would be a way to honor the past by retaining the logo that now exists.

 Share with your group the information we had gathered around the history of the school and the knowledge we had gained by speaking to Native American tribes across the country.

 Have you experience the media piece the district would produce

It is our understanding that you have not been able to openly discuss any of this in your talks because of the school board decision. We believe this is unfortunate. If all of these things have been discussed it would be helpful for the community and alumni to know about it. You are in a challenging position as students since you can only do what you are allowed to do and we appreciate that. We would however like to let you know with respect and kindness that losing this logo and what it has stood for over the past several decades means a lot to us. At the very least we think:

Students who support our thinking there should be given an option to write in or vote for the existing logo. If we had been given the opportunity to visit with you this would have been voiced

 This might be easier to accept if you had received what we believe would have been a balanced presentation of all the data that exists. Like you we attended Conrad. It made such an impression on us we continue to honor and support the school in many different ways. Some day you will be alumni too. Once you become alumni you will look back at what made your experience great and what you carry into your lives as adults. For us, when we see the logo that now exists:

 We think of the Love and Honor that we learned.

 The family of alumni many of us still are and you are all becoming.

 The fact this school was made into a high school again because of the tremendous support of the alumni and community and the legacy that exists and you are continuing to build now. Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts with you. We are communicating this with you because we care as much as you and want to make sure we are heard by you. Thank you for your attention to this important matter,


2 responses to “Conrad Alumni sends smoke signal to Red Clay Admin, Board and Conrad ! Re: Mascot / Logo

  1. Conrad Alumni – This is the original Conrad in name only. The Conrad community from Maryland Ave and surrounding areas is not represented in the school anymore. The “New” Conrad is a suburban white charter school. You have to let it go, you just don’t matter to the Red Clay resegregationist model.


  2. Henry C. Conrad High School belongs to the Community, Students, Teachers, and Alumni. To exclude one of the aforementioned is not only egregious, but also dangerous to the well being of the school. The School administration has alienated its large and dedicated Alumni. A check and balance has been lost, and the fallout has already begun. Conrad Schools of Science, of which is part of the evolution of Conrad High School, has committed the mistake of forgetting its past; something we all know has grave consequences for all.