To the new DSEA President! Get Carney’s position on public record ! re: school vouchers!


JUNE 16, 2016 By Tim Benson 

State lawmakers in Delaware are considering a proposal to create the Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account Program.

The proposal would provide parents with up to 100 percent of the per-pupil state funds that would have gone to the child’s public school district for use for tuition and fees at any private school participating in the program, as well as for textbooks, tutors, and online learning programs. Any leftover funds could be saved and used to pay for college tuition. The student must have attended a public school during the previous school year upon setting up an ESA account, and parents must reauthorize their account annually.


MAY 5, 2016 NewsWorks;  Debate heats up over Delaware education savings account bill

Under the proposal, parents of specials needs students could take state money allotted for their child and put it in an education savings account. That account could then be used to pay for a variety of educational services, including private school, tutoring, and online courses.

“We really need to make sure parents have access to their very best education options,” Rep. Deborah Hudson, R-Fairthorne, the bill’s co-sponsor said. “We really don’t have the fullest extent of choice. And that’s what this bill is about today.”

Other legislators, including Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, worry that current private school parents–those with no intention of ever sending their children to public schools–would enroll their children in local school districts just so they would be eligible for the savings accounts. They would then use the money allotted through the savings accounts to subsidize their private school tuition bills. Were that scenario to play out, Delaware’s education costs would rise because officially more students would be enrolled in the system.

You go Kim !!!!!!!!!!!! And help keep Carney in check on vouchers !!1


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