Mike Matthews hits a Devos Grand Slam analogy

I have Mike’s permission to post the following Facebook post

By Mike Mattews

I’m going to say something potentially angering to some of my Democratic friends. It has taken me several days to write this, so stick with me here. This is in response to the Betsy DeVos hot mess earlier in the week:

I sat back earlier in the week watching as my Facebook feed filled up with people posting about the train wreck that was Betsy DeVos’s confirmation hearing. My liberal Democratic friends — and many of my more conservative fellow educators — were rightly taking DeVos to the woodshed for her absurd comments.

But then I started thinking: Many of the Democrats lampooning DeVos and her foolishness have only THEMSELVES to blame for people like DeVos. Many of them have co-signed on to the SAME corporate education reform movement that they’re raking DeVos over the coals for being a part of, albeit to a lesser extent than DeVos’s craziness.

Many of the Democrats on my newsfeed right here in Delaware have been part of that machine: The push toward more privatization of our public schools toward charters and choice. The push for more nefarious teacher and school accountability schemes concocted by high-dollar campaign donors. The overtesting of our students and labeling of our schools. These aren’t just topics Betsy DeVos loves; these are topics loved by many Democrats right here in Delaware, some of whom may be reading this right now.

These are topics loved by some Democrats who voted for SB 51, a bill that sought to enhance the level of accountability of teacher prep programs, but in essence just opened the door to more BS measurement of effectiveness using student test scores.

These are topics loved by some Democrats who voted for HB 165, an alleged charter school accountability bill, but in actuality a bill that hands potentially millions more dollars to charters every year while some traditional public schools continue to drown.

These are topics loved by some Democrats who failed to COME TOGETHER and override the veto of the Opt Out Bill, HB 50, by corporate education reform’s greatest spokesperson, former Gov. Jack Markell. This bill would have codified a parent’s right to opt their child out from pointless and toxic standardized testing, but was rejected by the business community and others who love the EdReform Regime.

These are topics loved by many Democrats who continue to cozy up to organizations like Rodel and Teach for America, groups whose purpose is to disrupt and redirect funding away from traditional public schools.

So, while Betsy DeVos is indeed a danger to public education and EVERY Democrat should reject her confirmation to be our next US Secretary of Education, Democrats had better do some good soul searching in the coming years when it comes to education.

Because far too many of you have sold out public education. And many of you Democrats are right here in Delaware. When it comes to Betsy DeVos, save your outrage. Get down to business right here and worry about the threat to public education in our own damn backyard.


One response to “Mike Matthews hits a Devos Grand Slam analogy

  1. kilroysdelaware

    I posted this after getting permission from Mike. In no way do I see it as him abandoning or insulting his party. I’ve known Mike since 2006 who was a young man in the process of defining himself. His path in life took him to representing other such as teachers. His obligation is to them first no political partisanship. In my opinion Governor Jack Markell was a wake up call because Jack Markell caused more damage to public education than good. Jack had plenty of help from his own party! I sum up Mike comments as a good thing and a bit of a warning shot that the needs of teachers and students in our traditional public schools comes first!