Could H.R.676 “Medicare for All Act” be President Trump’s Obamacare fix ?

I think its great that Delaware can possibly have a single-payer health care system where state workers like teachers and even state legislators would be in the same pool as all Delawareans. We all pay the same and get the same !!! AMEN !!!!!!!!! And perhaps Trump will allow states to purchase health insurance across state lines! This would promote real competition that could stabilize and lower health care cost!

What do you think?? Would you support this plan ???

But wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the federal legislation sitting dormant

Funding HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act How we can afford a national single-payer health plan By Gerald Friedman, Ph.D. July 31, 2013 Executive Summary

Health care financing in the U.S. is regressive, weighing heaviest on the poor, the working class, and the sick. With the progressive financing plan outlined for HR 676 (below), 95% of all U.S. households would save money.

HR 676 (Section 211, Appendix 2) specifies a financing plan for single-payer that includes:

• Maintaining current federal financing for health care

• Increasing personal income taxes on the top 5% of income earners

• Instituting a modest tax on unearned income • Instituting a modest and progressive tax on payroll, self-employment

Instituting a small tax on stock and bond transactions The following progressive financing plan would meet the specifications of HR 676:

• Existing sources of federal revenues for health care

• Tax of 0.5% on stock trades and 0.01% tax per year to maturity on transactions in bonds, swaps, and trades

• 6% high-income surtax (applies to households with incomes > $225,000)

• 6% tax on unearned income from capital gains, dividends, interest, profits, and rents

• 6% payroll tax on top 60% of income earners (applies to incomes over $53,000, tax paid by employers)

• 3% payroll tax on the bottom 40% of income earners (applies to incomes under $53,000, tax paid by employers)

HR 676 would also establish a system for future cost control using proven-effective methods such as negotiated fees, global budgets, and capital planning. Over time, reduced health cost inflation over the next decade (“bending the cost curve”) would save $1.8 trillion, making comprehensive health benefits sustainable for future generations.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if trump’s” Repeal & Replace” ACA tuned out to be “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All”? Come on Donald: DO THE RIGHT THING!!!