Dear Wilmington Delaware: why is that black lives matters only at the hands of whites and not thy brother?

I am not trying to sound racist but at a time when our African-American community feels threaten with unpredictable President Trump one would expect unity stronger than ever!

An eye for an eye and snitches get stitches needs to end! The time for a street truce is now!  If you can kick a man’s ass without a gun you’re a pussy! Not a man!

May I remind you, Dr Martin Luther King has to wade through a valley of tears to reach the mountain top on the other side! Right now I can see him sitting on the mountain top crying for you! 

To all Wilmington mothers: there have been many many broken promises in regards to education. And I not talking about teachers! I am talking about politicians aligned with rich white million and billionaires all wanting to make your child’s life better. We know all the broken promises! Title 1 Section 1118 is no more and the hard work of William Hicks Anderson seems all for nothing! The Twins know and I know it! I don’t know if brother Jea, Theo and Norm has the strength or grit to relight Anderson’s torch that was snuffed. The true path out of poverty is through education and without you there as “voice” for your children and children who seem not to have parents capable of speaking for them will keep the same old same old!

Mothers, under the bed of your young male children is most likely a gun! Or it could be stashed elsewhere in the house! Find it and get rid of it! The cries in the night “why my child” someday might be your’s. Yelling out ” why doesn’t the police do something ” one day and saying fuck the police the other day does nothing to address “your” problem! Yes and then there is Donald Trump! The worse of two evils aka Hillary! There will be those riding the hate Trump tide just to jump on the bandwagon to loot! And sadly destroying their own neighborhood! 

We can only pray Governor Carney has a sincere heart and will add reinforcements to the men and women of blue! The sad reality is, many living outside the city of Wilmington don’t give a rat’s ass about brothers killing brothers. Some say, good another crack-head off the street!

Sure where there is dope there’s no hope! And nobody can comprehend the  number unemployed of high school graduated minorities! Yea plenty of jobs on the Amazon plantation! Then what? Brothers killing brothers in Wilmington Delaware are killing jobs for Wilmington! Sure it all seems to be a drug or turf war! But who in the hell wants to roll the dice and come to Wilmington to enjoy what is left?

I said it many of times! Superman ain’t coming! The strength isn’t coming from the men whom many are in cross-bar hotel for some stupid drug possession! It’s all up to you mom! Yep and many grandmas!

Holding hands and praying is nice! You been there and don’t that! But now is the time to search your house and purge the evil 9 and the sweet powder and rocks!

If black lives truly matters lets start with respecting it in the village among all brothers. The time is now for a street truce! Yea yea! I am a dreamer! But I am not a racist!

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