And the new superintendent of Christina School District is Richard L Gregg

Richard L. Gregg currently serves as Assistant Superintendent for the Penn-Delco School District in Aston, Pennsylvania, a position he has held since 2015. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Delaware, and a master’s degree in school leadership and instruction from Wilmington University. His experience also includes serving as principal of Penncrest High School in Media, Pennsylvania, and from 2000-2003 as Director of Instruction for New Castle County Vocational Technical School District in Delaware. He has also served as principal of Brandywine High School, principal and assistant principal of Concord High School in the Brandywine School District, assistant principal at Christiana High School in the Christina School District. His teaching experience includes a total of nine years’ experience as a high school social studies teacher. In his current role as Assistant Superintendent for Penn-Delco School District he is responsible for curriculum and instruction, pupil services, technology, district budgets, school improvement plans, and federal programs.

I pray that Christina School District moves forward and renew its commitment to education children and don’t look back!  Good luck Christina! 


2 responses to “And the new superintendent of Christina School District is Richard L Gregg

  1. “I pray that Christina School District moves forward and renew its commitment to education…” Here, here.

    Part of that task will be defining what ‘moves forward’ and ‘commitment to education’ really means. If moving forward comes to mean prioritizing education for the larger majority of students who are ready, willing and able to buy in to being educated, then, have at it. If moving forward means coming up with ‘creative’ ways of redistributing the money to disruptive students or students unwilling to drink from the education cup, well we already have seen that attempt and it will fail. That’s not moving forward, that’s moving backward or paying for the lowest common denominator.

    If ‘committing to education’ means subduing or eliminating the social justice and disruptive student appeasement then, power on. If it means cow-tailing to the demands for more food, more laundering, and more counseling for behavior beyond the scope or capability of schools, well then that commitment may be well intentioned, but hardly the main purpose of education. Educators and the educational system cannot correct dysfunctional behavior (unless you really give them the authority to do so). Behavioral modification, disciplining, and high expectations have NOT been areas, progressives have been chomping at the bit to empower schools to do. Educators and the educational system can ‘lead’ the children to education, but they cannot force them to apply themselves. That enforcement must come from families.

    So Good Luck Mr. Gregg, The residents of CSD want you to succeed. They need you to succeed. They need you to see past the conflicted ramblings of some school board members, social justice warriors and redistributive legislators who don’t really know what they want. They need someone to make the very expensive educational system actually educate rather than be; a babysitter, food supplier, and surrogate parent. If you build an educationally supportive and disciplined environment, they will come. If you build a socially conflicted, non educationally supportive environment, well…that path leads to what we have now. Alternative schools.


  2. The only hope for Christina is if they are allowed to shed the Wilmington students off to Red Clay. It could end up being the only deseg’d district to be a real suburban district. Long term, it could be the beginnings of something very good. It will take time, but at least they have hope. The only down fall will be if the new super is in it for the long haul or will leave mid-stream when he gets a better offer or is run out because of funky stuff going on…