Former Delaware Congressman Mike Castle support Trump / DeVos education

Castle opines on Trump Frank Gerace Published Jan 15, 2017 at 6:40 pm | Updated Jan 16, 2017 at 11:08 am WDEL

Former U.S. Congressman and Delaware Governor Mike Castle said his views on President-elect Donald Trump are mixed.

There are things he likes about Trump, including the way he’s shaken up the D.C. status quo, the veteran Republican said. 

“Challenging as that may be, and challenging as he is, we’ll have the benefit of everybody looking around carefully in terms of what they’re doing, and perhaps improving the service of the federal government to the populace in general,” said Castle.

Castle said some of Trump’s negative qualities are his seeming “impulsiveness” and what the ex-congressman views as out-of-control behavior.

Like the President-elect himself, many of Trump’s Cabinet picks march to their own tune policy-wise, including Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, Castle added.

“The use of vouchers and charter schools, etc cetera, and how a lot of other people in this country do, that is that we need to make all of our education stronger, and that’s not necessarily a difference from Trump, but clearly a Cabinet secretary that’s going in a different direction than the country has been going, “said Castle.

Before making a final judgment, Castle said he’s taking a “wait-and-see” attitude on Trump.


One response to “Former Delaware Congressman Mike Castle support Trump / DeVos education

  1. And why would anyone consider leaving a fully funded public school with all of its resources, staff, facilities and procedures to go to a partially funded public charter, private, or cash strapped parochial school??? Maybe because their children’s needs are not being met.

    TPS’s, the unions who claim to protect their teachers, and the legislators who turn a blind eye to the public schools’ inefficiencies created their conundrum of losing public support. They ignore the decades long requests for appropriate education and they still can’t find the answer to why there would be a desire leave. Oh yeah, blame it on racism (the Sharpton/ Street calling card), blame it on elitism (the socialist’s calling card), blame it on feeder pattern, blame it on lack of money (the redistributionist’s calling card) (how much does the state spend on education , ALOT)(???) but those are not the real issues. The more you try to slander, demean, and chase phantoms, the more fuel you give to those who simply seek better education elsewhere. Go ahead and label them deplorables, if it makes you feel better, but it doesn’t mean you’ll convince concerned parents that your twisted solutions of transfer payments will improve the educational system.

    The TPS’s have it within their power to address THEIR issues. Their problems are those individuals (AND THOSE LEGISLATORS) who decry any action that prioritizes non-special needs children. The recent CSD proposal of an academy is case in point. “How dare they create a special program for accelerated kids” “That’s unfair, they’ll get special attention”, “They’ll leave their feeder school and leave the lower achieving kids behind” Why would parents want such a program?? Because the TPS’s are not providing satisfactory opportunities or environments. It is just that simple. Calling them racists or other derogatory names will just reinforce what our election cycle has proven. False labeling makes people double down. Keep insulting the very people you claim should ‘stay’ in the public schools and you are only insuring they will never support you or fund your interests. Listen at 4:40. Has the public been convinced to cooperate in our TPS’s?

    I’m an not claiming vouchers are a good answer. They are merely a response to the Titanic educational department which refuses to change course around the iceberg. Charters, vouchers, and other school choice options are like the life boats evacuating the ship while the captain has tea & crumpets complaining the life boats are disrupting the balance of the ship. Maybe a captain who is willing to provide more life boats OR is willing to throw the vessel into full reverse is what is needed.