Governor Markell’s NJ fantasy farewell letter! Thanks for the memories Jack! Our asses still burn!

A thank you note from Jack Markell by  Jack Markell

When I decided to run for governor in 2008, I could not have expected the reality that would face our state as I took the oath of office the following year. Employers large and small were closing their doors.   So many people – our family, friends and neighbors – had their lives turned upside down.

We have come a long way since those dark days. While the national economic recovery helped revitalize our communities, that alone cannot explain our progress, including not only the best job growth in the region, but also so much more that we have done together – at schools, in factories, on farms and in all corners of our state – to make Delaware a better place.

What F planet is he on ?? He and DSEA Judas sold us down the river with Race to The Top! Governor Carney will need about three years to upright the Delaware Department of Education. Speaking of Carney! Remember Markell pulled a primary on Carney in 2008 and basically fucked him over and now steps in as Jack leaves and gets fucked again with a $350 million dollar budget deficit! “The Great Recession would cause more than five percent of Delaware’s jobs to vanish.” WTF 5%? He must be using Common Core Math! 

I’m constantly reminded of the words of the famous historian, David McCullough, who said, “Among the most difficult and important concepts to convey in teaching or writing history, is the simple fact that things never had to turn out as they did. Nothing was foreordained.”

I constantly reminded every time I open my Delmarva bill how much of a blooming idiot you are ! 

You have constantly inspired me with your determination, ingenuity, love, commitment and humor, and we can be proud that together, we overcame obstacles and uncertainty to make our state more beautiful, more productive, more prosperous and more inclusive.

Yo Jack !!!! We’re $350 million in the hole!!! More inclusive?? I don’t think you’re talking African-American . A coalition of civil rights and religious leaders say Gov. Jack Markell, D-Delaware, is not taking enough action to address allegations of workplace discrimination and racism in Delaware’s state agencies.  

– 60,000 jobs created, helping us earn recognition as one of the top three state economies because of the talents of our business people and workforce

Yo!!! Knock-knock!!! #350 million in the hole! 

– Record high graduation rates, better access than ever to high-quality early childhood education, rising test scores across all grade levels, a nationally-recognized effort to increase access to college for those who thought they couldn’t afford it and more students graduating with college credit and workplace experience, none of which would be possible without outstanding educators, who are constantly seeking ways to improve the classroom experience for each student

Test scores !!!!! How can you have validity is results if the test keeps changing!  2016 high school graduates was the only generation of students who saw three forms of standardized test with pilot-testing in-between over their 12 years of public education! Smoke some pot Jack!

  – Protections and support for members of the LGBT community, because of advocates, lawmakers, friends and colleagues who opened their hearts, and then our laws, to all Delawareans

OK ! I’ll yield! You did that right!

– Hundreds of millions of dollars in private money being put to work developing our downtowns because of the creativity and imagination of city and town leaders.

Image your ass walking from one end of Wilmington to the other end at mid-night! Smoke some pot Jack! Stretch your imagination further!

   – A better chance to earn a job for people previously denied the opportunity, including people with disabilities and veterans, as well as ex-offenders who have served their time – the result of business people and others who believe everyone can contribute

See :  A coalition of civil rights and religious leaders say Gov. Jack Markell, D-Delaware, is not taking enough action to address allegations of workplace discrimination and racism in Delaware’s state agencies. 

The new administration will face more challenges. We always have more work to do. But I hope we will all keep in mind the way we have responded to our most recent adversities, and the progress we have made. It’s a reminder that we can do big things. We can act in the present for the sake of the future. We can put aside political and other differences to work together for the common good.

The new administration has to clean up the shit mess you left! 

As my time in office comes to an end, I owe a great debt of gratitude to my wife Carla and our family, to the selfless, compassionate, and committed state employees with whom I’ve been so fortunate to work, and to all of you who have worked so hard to improve our state and create progress that was never preordained.

Yep you should John Carney in 2008 about preordain! Yea state-workers going to love your ass when the find out their healthcare premium cost are going up! 

Serving as your governor has been the honor of my life, and I will never forget the kindness and generosity you have shown to me and my family. Thank you for a wonderful eight years.

Jack honestly !! Smoke some pot !


3 responses to “Governor Markell’s NJ fantasy farewell letter! Thanks for the memories Jack! Our asses still burn!

  1. He can’t even exit with grace and dignity. This is the longest farewell I’ve ever seen from a Governor. It’s almost like he is trying to steal the spotlight from Carney. That video yesterday was just bizarre!


  2. Glad to see this PUKE in Dem clothing leave office. Lets not forget how he tried to SELL or LEASE the citizen owned Port of Wilmington to Kinder Morgan who would have poluted Delaware even more, and who would have cut jobs from Delaware citizens and would have brought out of state workers to take over those jobs…He and Rita Landgraff destroyed the safety net for persons with disabilities, ignored the mental health and drug addicted, and permitted the State Prisons to continue to treat prisoners in all our prisions with inhumane, cruel, and horrible punishment…NEVER did anything to STOP the over crowding….filled with mentally ill and drug addicted, with NO help for them in prison…Goodbye Jack dont let the door hit you in the ass.