$350 million dollars in the hole and Governor Markell is proud of his record! Go figure !

America is heading for a recession and Jack Markell’s Delaware is carrying the failure flag!  

I’ve said many times, Governor Jack Markell will go down in Delaware history as the worst governor on public school reform! But now it looks like he’ll be the all-around worst governor in the state’s history.

There is no excuse Delaware should be $350 million dollars in the hole! So what ever happen to the rainy day fund ?

I can tell you this come mid-term elections 2018 those democrat elected officials praised Markell and kiss his ass during the last 8 years will be booted out office. We’ll count the vote supporting tax increases!

Tops on Kilroy’s political Sh*t list is all those he praise Markell as he leaves office!





2 responses to “$350 million dollars in the hole and Governor Markell is proud of his record! Go figure !

  1. it shouldnt be that hard to make the money work. The issue is its too easy for politicians to play with tax payer money because there is no accountability. a couple very easy solutions:
    – Department of Ed is way overreaching and more harm then good. they should do nothing but apply for state wide grants to be doled out repsectively to each district.
    – state archives can be disbanded and consumed via the county library system
    – double the toll rate for out of state drivers on rt 1.
    – get rid of the lt governor.
    – raise the gas tax 2 cents each year for 5 years.
    – impose a new resident transfer tax of 2%. each new transplant from another state pays an additional 2% on home purchases.
    – any politician that wants to invest in a ‘new jobs creating plan’ needs to be bonded and insured for the same amount of money they want to give away. if the plan goes under they are responsible for remitting that money to the state coffers from their bond and insurance.
    – the only way an elected official gets a pension is if they are elected and serve more than 25 years

    some starting points


  2. Yet again the blue state voters and legislators ignore reality and ignore basic economics to appease their special constituencies [i.e.: unions, State employees(51% of the workers in the state), State agencies, bloated departments]. Markel tried to attract businesses he and his buddies had vested interests in (Data center, Bloom) or attempted to attract businesses with no record of success (Fiskar) and the return/ benefit has been minimal. Major employers are leaving or left because DE is not attractive (DuPont, AstraZenca, Chrysler, GM) and our blue state politicians continue on their unsustainable path. No jobs= No payroll tax revenue and no consumer spending. They spent millions from the Feds RTTT, spent millions shielding state employees from the healthcare premiums, spent millions on prevailing wage jobs and strangely, can’t understand why they are in the red. Wait…, let’s clarify, they CAN ‘understand’, they just don’t want to tell their constituencies they’ve over committed and under funded their promises with other people’s money.

    One simple change; eliminate prevailing wage and the state could save millions. That new Rte 301 road from MD to Rte. 1 Roth Bridge would easily cost 1/2 if prevailing wage were eliminated. Route 1 and any other major road construction would have been 1/2 the cost. Any new school or school renovation would cost 1/2 by the elimination of prevailing wage. Route 1 cost 900 million. They could’ve saved taxpayers 450 million on that one project alone and that was with 1990’s money.
    Make all state employees pay the 30-60% premium increases that EVRERYONE else in the private sector had to shoulder and you’d save several millions.

    Same old Democrat government routine, refuse to live within your means, appease the unions and raise taxes or tolls rather than make necessary cuts. He’s proposed reductions in state support to schools which means districts will have to raise taxes because they won’t make the necessary cuts they need to make. But they’ll claim; ‘It’s for the children’.

    Much of the rest of the country learned that Democrats, unions and big gov’t are not fiscally responsible. Delaware and our metropolitan areas, unfortunately have not.

    Let the crying begin. The Democrats of this state OWN every bit of the fiscal condition of the state and their supporters have no one to blame but themselves for voting them in. Perhaps requiring an Economics course is needed for every voter before they are allowed to vote. Perhaps we need a weighted voter scheme. Pay more taxes- you’re vote counts for double. Pay no taxes- your vote becomes 1/2 as important. Liberals want weighted funding for schools, why wouldn’t weighted ‘voting’ be appropriate?