Daily Archives: January 12, 2017

$350 million dollars in the hole and Governor Markell is proud of his record! Go figure !

America is heading for a recession and Jack Markell’s Delaware is carrying the failure flag!  

I’ve said many times, Governor Jack Markell will go down in Delaware history as the worst governor on public school reform! But now it looks like he’ll be the all-around worst governor in the state’s history.

There is no excuse Delaware should be $350 million dollars in the hole! So what ever happen to the rainy day fund ?

I can tell you this come mid-term elections 2018 those democrat elected officials praised Markell and kiss his ass during the last 8 years will be booted out office. We’ll count the vote supporting tax increases!

Tops on Kilroy’s political Sh*t list is all those he praise Markell as he leaves office!