Daily Archives: January 11, 2017

DSEA election snafu! Are E-ballots going Elvis?

Per comments on social media, the elections for new leaders of the Delaware State Education Association election started January 9, 2017 and ends January 23, 2017. It appears voting is done via E-mailed ballots and mail-in paper ballots. There seems to be a lot of chatter about E-mailed ballots possibly getting trapped in spam-filters and junk mail boxes (pretty much the same).

To all DSEA members! It is very important that you vote! Solidarity is more important now than ever! I assure you the attempt to push school vouchers is real and knocking at the door! I am not going to tell you who to vote for because my critics say because I am not an educator or a member the election is none of my business! But I cam argue my taxes goes towards public education and I have grandchildren in Delaware public schools. What you do impacts them and what the overreaching federal and state government does impacts you and in many cases infringes on your ability to teach as a creative “individual”!

All the talk about Donald Trump and education might have some merits when it comes to school vouchers! However, Delaware Governor John Carney holds the keys to the State of Delaware. With the budget mess Jack Markell left Governor Carney may grab for the feds golden ring! You next DSEA leaders need to posses the grit and courage to tell Governor Carney, DSEA will not support any form of school vouchers state or federal initiative. Traditional public education has taken ab beating and DSEA members were hoodwinked re: Race to The Top!

Don’t throw your hands in the air and say, it doesn’t matter anymore! It does and especially for you young teachers with 5 years or less teaching experience! Push these candidates to call out Governor Carney NOW ! And take a position on school vouchers and tell him straight up! NO VOUCHERS!

So please contact DSEA if you haven’t received your ballot! Your vote is important to your student, parents and traditional public education that many of us value.