And I am a racist for not voting for Hillary?


2 responses to “And I am a racist for not voting for Hillary?

  1. Not really an education topic is it? Farrakhan is a racist because he spouts this vomitous vile rhetoric.

    How about debating this:

    How about debating why the standard M O in WA and DE is still to ‘level the playing field’ instead of investing and rewarding those children that willingly embrace the opportunities of education?
    How about debating the statement that the misguided DE educational professionals have embraced but have no proof for;
    “Ben Rarick, the State Board’s executive director, says these gaps can be traced back to kindergarten.”
    Really? Based on what? And if they fund this hypothesis, who loses? All the other children whose parents have NOT been irresponsible with their children or the opportunities presented to them.

    Better call in the big guns of social justice for the debate. I’m sure they’ll claim it’s the racist schools and teachers that are causing all the achievement gaps and that NON-low achieving kids don’t need resources.


  2. Farrakhan is right about Killery.