Delaware’s financial Markell nightmare is setting the stage for election year 2018 slaughter of some Ds

State budget grim, but leaders hope to avoid tax increases , The News Journal

As John Carney prepares to become Delaware’s 74th governor, the state faces one of its largest budget gaps since being savaged by the Great Recession of 2008

So financially Delaware is back to 2008? How is that possible with the job growth under Governor Markell leadership? 

Lawmakers hope to close the estimated $350 million gap without seriously painful spending cuts or major tax increases. But after years of patching budget holes in the final days of the legislative session, state leaders acknowledge that more drastic steps could be necessary in 2017.

Somebody is going to get fucked and once again it will be the middle-class and the forgotten class called senior citizens of Delaware. 

Gov. Jack  Markell builds the recommended budget that serves as a template for legislators, but all eyes are on Governor-elect Carney, who takes office on Tuesday.

The first thing to do is to roll the template up real-tight and jam it up Jack Markell’s ass. Sorry folks all eyes are not on John Carney ! All eyes are on election year 2018 and the Markell’s legislative lap-dogs! Not that I totally support this but the political tide is about to turn! 2018 will be a bumper-crop year for Republicans being elected to local offices. Sorry to say but Dave Sokola seat will go Republican! Financially public education is a mess and Sokola was Markell’s point-person in legislative hall! Joe Miro will retire and his seat will stay  in Republican hands. I have a fresh jar of mint jelly on hand to celebrate. I am not going to share grim political prediction but there are going to be a few shocking upsets for the Democrats.

Folks with the death of many union blue-collar job the strength of union support for pro-union legislators is diminishing. Teachers’ unions are strong but over the next two-years budget cuts will be hitting teachers’ pocketbooks a bit hard. There will be job cuts in education and I hope one will be Markell’s Chinese language immersion program.

Jack Markell FAILED and many state legislators were enablers but more like mice in the corner fearing vindictive Governor Jack Markell! 

“I will work immediately with Democrats and Republicans on a budget reset that looks comprehensively at state spending and how we’re paying for government services,” Carney said, promising to involve the public in that effort.

Well John I think the first thing to do is legalize marijuana because you will need some! The only public involvement will be funding the gaps!

Education is a financial mess because Jack Markell diced and slice supplemental funding cutting from traditional public school and giving to charter school under bias incentive programs! The Delaware Department of Education is BLOATED with unnecessary jobs! Race to The Top funding is gone but  yet thanks to Sokola and the other Markell kiss-asses taxpayer are still funding job created via RTTT. Some titles many have creatively changed but the number of employees at DE DOE has grown.

“The hope is that we can raise revenue without raising taxes,” said Sen. David McBride, D-Hawk’s Nest, who is poised to become Senate President Pro Tempore. “I do not think there is an appetite for that in either party.”

Idiot fence sitter! No Senator McBride! The Democrats put the rope around their own necks and the Republicans will kick the stool! The only thing on the 2018 election menu is roasted Democrats!

“We will be able to say we have the lowest taxes in the country and yet be able to do the things the people of this state count on us to do,” said Sen. Harris McDowell, D-Wilmington North and chair of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee. “We may have to go a little outside the box more than usual. We may need to do some reforms. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re going to get it done.”

Jus say it !!! Income taxes will go up! The only thing going out of a box is an X next to your name in the polling booth! 

 And agencies throughout state government say scarce pay raises have left them struggling to hire qualified workers –– from judges to prison guards.

 Earth to num-nuts !!! That analogy is in line with private sector! Increase taxes including local school taxes cut into thin profit margin and many workers are working with outdated equipment and a smaller workforce! The only way many ger raises is through “added responsibilities” added duties divided up from reduction in the work force. The fire one person and divide those responsiblities amoung others at a fraction of the cost.

“There are a lot of good ideas out there, and there were some good ideas last year,” said Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf. “But it is going to be tough. Frankly, the money’s just not there.”

Many stuck in the bad of your desk drawer! Yea money not there and now its time to raid the public’s pocket to pay for Markell’s mistake with the help of his kiss ass friend in legislative hall.

It’s been very quiet on our end because people are sort of mesmerized by the national situation,” Schwartzkopf said. “And that’s not just because of how unique Donald Trump is. It’s possible they could do things at the federal level that would have a big impact on us.”

And look in your colleagues eyes and you’ll see the 2018 concern! The feds aren’t going to come in and clean up Markell’s shit! In 2018 the Delaware votes will clean up by ousting the Markell puppets !

As one example to find savings, Carney pointed to the Department of Education. At more than $1.3 billion, school funding is the largest part of the budget. Carney said he intends to “restructure” the department “as a support agency.”

While there’s little talk of cutting funding at the district level, some lawmakers have said the state-level Department of Education is ripe for belt-tightening because it added many positions during the massive federal Race to the Top grant program during Markell’s tenure.

The public cries were there re: Race to The Top  and the same goes for Markell’s Frankenstein called the Delaware Department of Education. It will take four-years to undo the damage Markell caused! Ans somebody has to pay in 2018! We have kids learning Chinese whereas less than one percent will ever use on the job. Yet we have far too many kids struggling to be proficient in their first language called English! Charter schools take property out of the local tax pools by the exemption. State legislators need to be more aggressive is collecting delinquent school taxes from the likes of Wanxiang how owes $900.000.00 + is school taxes! At the end of the day Fuck local school referendums! Why should the public bail out Markell’s Chinese butt-buddies? Red Clay school board has no grit! Where is the letter to Wanxiang respectfully asking the pay their school taxes? Merv is a pussy! Go tell your state legislators ! Right ! LOL ! 

In 2014, Markell asked lawmakers to raise the gas tax by 10 cents to put the state’s transportation fund on solid ground. Lawmakers declined to make that move. Instead, in the final hours of that legislative session, the General Assembly chose to increase tolls and many fees at the DMV.

How about taxes those f-ing tanker cars constantly block our railroad crossing ? How about taxes the air polluters! Sure they’ll pass it on but market pressures will keep some of it in check! 

I’ll end this rant with election year 2018 will be the revenge year booting out the Markell ass-kisser! 


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