OUCH ! Delaware Liberal!

Delaware Liberal’s Huge Exodus Of Contributors Over The Hillary/Bernie Split by Exceptional Delaware 

“The Delaware blogging community saw a very odd thing happen this week.  Delaware Liberal saw four of their ten contributors suddenly leave the popular liberal blog.”

I don’t know !!!!!! Might be the Mike Castle curse ! However, all good people over at Delaware Liberal and the additional new blogs as a result is welcome. But I’ll be honest! DL Jason, Mike Matthews / Down With Absolutes  and Dan Garrett / Delaware Watch were my inspiration to jump into blogging in 2006  and OMG Pandora use to rock the house at Red Clay School Board Meeting! Manning probably is still having nightmares about her! She had more tactful ways to tell him to kiss her ass than anyone!  

Photo Shop blast from the past LOL 🙂 I had fun making this one ! 



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