Wanxiang feeling the Kilroy heat! Sale bids to be announced! School taxes up in the air!

Bids in for former Fisker plant , The News Journal 3:30 p.m. EST December 19, 2016

Offers for the former Fisker Automotive plant were due Friday, according to the brokerage firm marketing the 142-acre property

“We are expecting offers in as of [Friday],” said John Kaczowka, senior vice president of CBRE Inc’s Wilmington office. “Over the next few weeks will be analyzing the offers.”

A couple of scenarios here why Wanxiang isn’t paying their $980,175.84 school tax bill! One, they are holding out until sale time to pay with proceeds from the sale as not to disrupt current cashflow. Or two, the pass the debt on to new buyer ! But I’ll go with one!  

Meantime back on the Red Clay Ranch Sheriff Merv must dole out local share of school taxes to charter schools within Red Clay and not hold back prorated shares of all delinquent school taxes.

I’ve been doing some digging and it appears the property value is $38,913,100.00 which Fisker stated as value prior to the auction where Wanxiang maybe trying to understate the value to be $18,000,000 to drive-down assessment value to sweeten the pie. Awhile back New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon was kicking around offering 9 million dollars for the site!

Though Wanxinag has a few billion dollars in holdings they’re in business to make money not friends! So Why not screw Red Clay and hold back on paying their obligated school taxes until after the sale as not to disrupt cash-flow. Word has there is a $13.5 million dollar offer.

What cracks me up is, Markell has this love affair with China and he and Wanxiang kissed ass and Wanxiang kicked in over $400,000.00 for a student exchange program where something like 48 students over two-year period went to visit and learn in China. I think that was last year!  So they hug our kids and say come visit we’ll cover the cost and then jam one in the kids back by failing to pay this years school taxes!  I guess that’s how Lu Guanqiu built his communist empire call Wanxiang and Pin Ni carries on the tradition!

So its a game of wait and see like with all the school tax deadbeats in Red Clay! In my opinion Red Clay and other school districts owed back taxes be able to hire a collection agency who get paid part of what they collect! No money out of the district’s pocket! Yea yea I know another one of those let it go Kilroy because its water under the bridge!


One response to “Wanxiang feeling the Kilroy heat! Sale bids to be announced! School taxes up in the air!

  1. The county or school system should put a lien on the property until the taxes are paid.