Delaware charter schools don’t bear the cost of unpaid school taxes. Districts are required to give full required local share!

Yep it is true ! When deadbeats like Wanxiang Pin Ni don’t pay local school taxes Red Clay has  to give charters their legal local share of school taxes and not prorated with delinquent loss!

In my opinion delinquent school taxes “loss” must be spread across the board !   Furthermore, foreign owned companies not paying their taxes should have their business licences suspended!  


What is really disheartening year after year millions upon dollars of delinquent school taxes our state legislators remains weak-kneed. The sorry ass excuse is go to the county they are responsible for collecting school taxes! This shit needs to end! The state legislators need to enact legislation a.s.a.p to allow school districts to put a lien on properties after 6 months of non-payment! Also, in the case of foreign owner entities and their little loophole Delaware incorporates they need to have their licences suspended!  

As far as charter school! We must stop adding more charter schools without local impact studies and current charter schools must bear the same tax loss as the school district they are in! 









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