Fisker’s buyer Wanxiang America’s says nix to paying school tax! Or was there a deal?

Parcel # 0704210055


County Balance Due:


School Balance Due:


Tax Payments as of 12/11/2016 3:02:55 AM

These amounts are valid through the last day of the month. For accounts with delinquent balances, statutory penalty will accrue on the first day of next month. 

This is the information I obtained from the New Castle County property records.

The $980,175.84 includes Red Clay School District and NCC Votech taxes unpaid. We’re talking local school taxes and FYI Red Clay is still required to pay local charter schools their cut. 

Governor Markell has a love affair  Wanxiang America

Chinese Company Invests in Delaware, Supporting Education and Renewable Energy Share this: by COLBY FERLAND Featured in: Asia, China 

On December 3, 2015, Delaware Governor Jack Markell joined representatives from the China General Chamber of Commerce (CGICC) and China’s largest auto parts manufacturer, Wanxiang Group (parent company to the US-based Wanxiang America Corp.), to announce the expansion of a China summer abroad program for Delaware high school students studying Mandarin. The agreement expands a previous commitment of $450,000 for the current academic year to a $675,000 budget, complimented by a $75,000 grant from CGICC which will allow the program to run through 2017. It will now be able to fund 30 students (plus chaperones) for two more years.

I wonder if a backroom deal was made with Red Clay where is was school board executive meeting crap confidential under so-called legal matters. And of course Kilroy will get the investigative ball rolling ! Stay tuned !  


2 responses to “Fisker’s buyer Wanxiang America’s says nix to paying school tax! Or was there a deal?

  1. Kilroy takes on China! Dude, they are one of the biggest companies over there. No one seems to have the ability to actually collect on school taxes when they are delinquent. What is New Castle County going to do? Go to China to collect? Good luck with that!

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  2. I heard that the company owner is in a Chinese jail.