Image that! U.S Sec of Ed a person who never wrote a lesson plan or held teaching credentials @realDonaldTrump

Obama with Arne Ducan and now Trump with Betsy Devos!

Ducan, the Godfather of Common Core Standards and extending the intrusive reach of the federal government into local control and now Devos who supports pulling the pull on Common Core Standards and supports reducing the federal government’s role in local decision-making!

And like a Cobra in a basket education union come spitting in the eye of Trump! Then the is Delaware Governor Markell who held the open the gate supporting the Race to The Top Trojan Horse as DSEA led the trumpet parade cheering Jack Markell.

For the record when I refer to DSEA I am not referring to a particular person! I am not referring to dues paying teachers! I am referring to an internal leadership structural that broke under political pressure! Governor Jack Markell is an egotistic self-serving individual that caused great harm to Delaware Public School system And yes he made deals no one could refused!

Sadly we all pray incoming Delaware Governor John Carney support less intrusive government and the end to Common Core Standards.

I think we need to give President Trump a chance to live up to his campaign promises regarding public education. I agree talk of school vouchers is concerning and many don’t understand the turmoil it will cause with local school taxes. 


One response to “Image that! U.S Sec of Ed a person who never wrote a lesson plan or held teaching credentials @realDonaldTrump

  1. Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have no power to dictate to states what standards they can use. The Every Student Succeeds Act codifies that. If he did, that would be considered… wait for it… federal control! Vouchers are the next step in the corporate education reform movement (it is bi-partisan, these pirates of public education). The whole goal is to eventually dump brick and mortar school buildings. Younger kids will go the local Y or United Way and do their all-day “personalized learning” on their ed tech through some online charter school conglomerate will “learn to earn” on the Blockchain. It didn’t matter who won, maybe some timeline changes, but the reformers are just going to push a different part of the whole thing. Parents need to wake the hell up!