If you support charter and choice schools you support Betsy DeVos @realDonaldTrump

I support charter , magnet and choice schools but I don’t support Delaware’s charter and magnet school laws that allow preferential admission based specific interest requirements.

Delaware charter and magnet school laws promotes de facto segregation and creates high concentration of poverty schools predominately African-American students.  

There is currently Delaware pending legislation that sets the stage for limited school vouchers and our state legislators need to get ahead of the train to address the concerns. We don’t need another Race to The Top fiasco.

The time is now for Delaware legislators to address discriminatory charter school and magnet school admission practices that is driving de facto segregation and a two-system public schools. All public school should have doors that swing equal for all students. Delaware has some amazing traditional public school teachers that don’t pick and chose their students and take the brunt of the criticism.

It appears more flexible education funding might be coming the states way and no doubt a push for school vouchers! Delaware legislators now is the time to study the possibilities and  impact,         



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