OMG !!! I can’t believe Christina is going to hire him!

When doing a job—any job—one must feel that he owns it, and act as though he will remain in the job forever. He must look after his work just as conscientiously, as though it were his own business and his own money. If he feels he is only a temporary custodian, or that the job is just a stepping stone to a higher position, his actions will not take into account the long-term interests of the organization. His lack of commitment to the present job will be perceived by those who work for him, and they, likewise, will tend not to care. Too many spend their entire working lives looking for their next job. When one feels he owns his present job and acts that way, he need have no concern about his next job. by Admiral Rickover 

Its a damn shame those interviewing applicants for superintendent can’t see a runner ! Furthermore, the diversity of Christina School District is fragile and no place for a weak-knee leader! Talk about “social justice” the district is tracking to an appointment that will be unjust! Christina children and staff need a well seasoned “leader” and shouldn’t be a place for OJT. I was walking along the beach at Rehoboth and ran into an old connected friend and boy did I get an earful! The CSD puppet fix is in! More to follow!   


6 responses to “OMG !!! I can’t believe Christina is going to hire him!

  1. CSD and its board have clearly established a capacity for dysfunction, which is probably the reason any sensible candidate would run away screaming from this job opportunity. NOT EVEN CONSIDERING THE RECENT LAWSUIT for failing to provide children’s schools with money that was supposed to follow them to their choice school. Just look at their history with;
    -the non-contiguous district demographics
    -the shifting of monies where they should not be
    -the prioritization of behaviorally and academically challenged over the larger percentage of reasonably capable students
    -the threats from an overzealous minority representative who has utilized the techniques of Sharpton and Jackson to effectively neuter behavioral control -the PC application of who deserves education resources
    -the terrorism of reasonable academic standards in the name of feel good transfer payments
    -the placid endorsement of bad/criminal behavior over self restraint and student effort
    -the financial obfuscation of funds and blatant ignorance of the purpose of education
    -the defiance of not holding teachers to reasonable standards (i.e.: Glasgow H/S)
    -the clearly ignorant defiance to offer appropriate level education to all students (‘tiers’ or ”tracking’)
    -the complete inefficiency to manage its finances and curtail costs while repeatedly asking the public to bear more of the burden.

    The ONLY way a sensible Superintendent will take this position is if it IS merely a stepping stone, OR if the pay for said position was well beyond what the district can afford. The district has burned both the trust of the public and its reputation.

    The new Governor would be wise to;
    1. Call for a complete take over of the district due to ‘no confidence’.
    2. Call for and pay for an immediate survey of every district resident to establish the priorities of the district.
    3. Remove many of the current conflicted board members (who were only voted in with 300 votes so are clearly not representative of the majority).
    4. Restructure the district to address the incongruent, non-contiguous district boundary.
    5. Re-assess the district and its feeder patterns.
    6. Re-locate district offices back to the appropriate geographic location and Consolidate schools.
    7. Turn some schools into magnates (esp. H/S).

    Tell interloping opinionated individuals (Who have no conception of the true conflict within the district. Who have exhausted their charter school, public school, private school choices AND feels compelled to buddy up with the aforementioned conflicted board members) that their opinions are inconsequential to the opinions of what the residents of the district want.

    Do these things (i.e.: drain the swamp) and maybe a qualified candidate will come to the surface. Until then, anyone taking the position will be merely a stopgap measure. Not unlike going from criminally negligent Eric Holder AG to criminally incompetent Loretta Lynch AG. Same story, different person. Same crap, different day.


  2. Hey M Ryder, Fuck You. You have always been an asshole, and you always will be. Ever since your first poke at me two and a half years ago. It’s so obvious you are in the charter world, cause we hear this same boring mantra from you and your ilk time and time again. The new Governor would be wise to do a great many things, including doing a COMPLETE audit of Newark Charter School. Every penny. Where does all the field trip money and whatnot go to? You want to draw a line in the sand M Ryder, you better be sure you know exactly what is on the other side of that line.


  3. Where does field trip money go? Uhh maybe to the field trip. the bus, lunch, admission. Seriously, is there some issue with field trips I haven’t heard about? And what’s a whatnot?
    Also. what’s the same boring mantra exactly?


  4. Considering NCS student body activities amounts are second to only one school district in the state, I would say quite a bit.


  5. KO .|.. lol. Wow, you really are a classy guy. I wish I could say I was surprised by your comments but alas, I’m wasn’t. Did the bacteria I put on my hands before I shook yours, transfer? I’ll give you props for putting yourself out there but you really need to contain your expletives and school yard insults? It’s no wonder you and an unnamed legislator get along so well. Demean, slander, insult, … how very Christian of you.
    You like to read legislation and settlement statements so try reading something a little more to the heart of this education matter:

    READ IT! I encourage you and your social justice cohorts to digest a very clear explanation of our school situation. You might get the insight you so routinely miss for why parents choose Public charter, private, or alternative schools. It touches on nearly ALL the issues and bullshit arguments thrown at charters. You might begin to understand the ‘Charter World’ you’re so dismissive and ignorant of. You might catch a glimpse into the reality that;
    1. kids are NOT intended to be educators of disengaged, disruptive kids.
    2. kids (and the money that follows them) are not money redistribution devices for social equity balancing.
    3. ALL kids are just as valuable as special needs kids and shortchanging normal and high achieving kids to subsidize disengaged, disruptive, and fundamentally dysfunctional kids is not equitable, nor appropriate. Read today’s NJ editorial section for another blogger’s great comments on how our educational system has ignored the bulk of kids.

    I’m an a$$h@73 ??? but I didn’t write 11 or 12 missives about my children’s issues for public consumption, DID I? I don’t go to your school district or your children’s school and portend to tell them how to run their business of education. I don’t opine about what school you send your child to, DO I? I don’t accuse your child’s school of the false, vile, slanderous things you and your ilk have accused my kids’ school of. I don’t profess to know the best situation for your child but you and YOUR ILK sure as hell profess and tell me how my choice is (pick a derogatory adjective). But I’m the a$$h@73???? I think not. I think you are a very misguided person, propped up by people who grease your ego, focused on the wrong things, and navigating a world with a child who has a lot of clinical problems and very few satisfactory solutions.

    KO, simply put, you have NO idea of the auditing that goes on at NCS and whatever you think you know about field trip money, it is just foolishness. And while you attempt to vilify an administrator who effectively runs the largest charter school in the state, the special needs and low achieving kids in HIS school, are safer, more supported, and are academically thriving better than the majority of their NON-special needs peers in TPS’s. That’s some real boring stuff isn’t it? Safe, respectful, academic, educational environment. That’s my “boring charter school mantra” that is so offensive and ‘elitist’ to the likes of you and your ilk. It sounds pretty reasonable to rational parents seeking good education for their kids. All a parent/child has to do is be engaged enough to submit a name application and get selected out of the thousands during a police witnessed, random lottery. Now, if CSD would just apply some key proven educational principles (like tracking), demand a modicum of student behavioral control, and ditch several of their ‘inspiring’ school board members, they too could have a district that was an example of good education rather than its current reputation. I wish CSD could find a Super that could put a smack down on all of CSD’s stupidity and social justice prioritization. I don’t think the current board is up to that task. Some, in fact, are an obstacle to that.


  6. Delusions of grandeur from the NCS advocate. I respect your ability to project your opinion. But NCS is NOT the pinnacle of education. It thrust itself up there because, for over a decade, they cherry-picked and creamed their students. When things even out (hopefully) as they let more special needs kids and minorities into their school, we shall see if they can be just as successful as surrounding schools that have similar populations of students. It’s easy to run a successful school when you don’t have as many challenging students. I don’t bemoan a parent’s choice to move their child to where they want them to go to school. I may have in the past, but that’s what free will is all about and what makes us a democracy. What I will point out is the price for that. Happy New Year M. Ryder. And I love how you call me a “class act” while thinking creative computer symbols hide what you are saying. Classy indeed…