The problem with police and teachers is the same! The idiots that manages them!

Plan to help at-risk Wilmington youth coming soon  , The News Journal6:05 p.m. EST December 3, 2016

The report found that indicators including repeated exposure to violence and shootings, high dropout rates in high school, unemployment and maltreatment as a child were constants in individuals that would go on to commit gun violence. The CDC suggested that it is possible to stop an individual from becoming violent by identifying them based on the indicators and intervening early.

In order to determine what early intervention services will work best in the community, a Community Advisory Council was created in March to support the efforts of DHSS. The council includes representatives from the faith community, community leaders, scholars, school officials, students and the Police Department.

An amazing conclusion to the impact on children living in the hood! Its just the first layer of the onion of truth.

“SCHOLARS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scholars don’t live on the front-line in the streets or classroom! KIDS do and they hold the answers to unlock the truth !

Scholars don’t walk the streets of Wilmington or break bread with the community !

The front-line of  Wilmington Police Department are viewed as street jailhouse guards not members of the community! Some are afraid to read out or give a hug fearing they might get on in the back or front!  Those who show respect towards a police office are viewed as a sellout or snitch! And you know what snitches get! 

The front-line is our schools is a new generation of teachers that are nothing more than kids teaching kids! They are ask to fill the gap of a parent, should tolerance to behaviors some deemed associated with ethnicity but is many cases more of reflection of the culture of the street.

We have a generation of police and teachers being managed by leaders who are more concerned with their $$$$$$ jobs to extent they bow to the political masters!

A mom cries in the street holding her death child yelling. “why doesn’t anybody do something “? Yet that same mom looked away yesterday when another mom cried! When are the police going to do something about this? When is the community going to stop circling the police when the come serving warrants? 

The teacher is verbally  threaten and told deal with it! School leaders sweep shit under the rug to make sure their school isn’t rate persistently violent! Kids move blunts in the Bics and school administrator are clueless!  A gun is reported and SRO moves in to make an arrests! The student says, they are afraid of the street! Yet the school isn’t locked down for a full search. Yo !! The schools are becoming the streets! Teachers are told, teach to this test than to another than to another! Seasoned teachers views are pushed aside because its not aligned with the new data! A well seasoned teacher can spot children who have the greatest academic and social needs within the first week.

In comes the Uncle Toms looking for greenbacks! If Wilmington can’t handle their own schools they can’t handle their own streets! Farming out black city children to Red Clay is a sell-out! What next! Disband the Wilmington Police Department and let State Troopers take over?

If Wilmington City Council, the mayor and  school administrators need to look towards scholars for answers, the community has no real representation. 



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