OMG!!When is DSEA’s elections your business Kilroy ??

I come home from work to find a bogus E-Mail ridiculing me for saying something nice about DSEA President candidate Danny Rufo! “When has DSEA business become Kilroy’s business”.  

Well first thing is first! KISS MY ASS !!! The business of DSEA is every parent and taxpaying citizen’s business!!!! DSEA plays politics with the likes of Jack Markell claiming its for the kids! Breaks bread at the fucking Rodel table! I assume its for the kids also! I keep hearing let it go Kilroy ! Race to The Top is all water under the bridge! Bullshit! Our children were sold out for a limo deal!

As far as labor representing “our” public school teachers its time for “courage”, the likes I have seen since Barbara Finnan! Delaware’s Barbara Finnan delivers a masterpiece! OUCH ! Posted on  

And OMG ! Jack the Butcher Markell is going to be praised and thanked for all his commitment to education reform in Delaware with the crown jewel being “winning” Race to The Top funding!

I support traditional public school and choice including charters “IF” charter school doors swing the same way as traditional public schools! But they don’t! One thing I don’t support is this VT bullshit when teachers’ evaluations are sub-par forces them to leave. I support due process for teachers!  

All the baby-boomer who went into teachers are all about gone and seems like the union muscle has fizzled !!!!!

Today’s young “professional” traditional school teachers need a stable centered leader! And they better rally together !

So TFB it my business now!   


2 responses to “OMG!!When is DSEA’s elections your business Kilroy ??

  1. Danny Rufo is awesome. You can say nice things about him any day.

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  2. lastDEconservative

    “Today’s young “professional” traditional school teachers need a stable centered leader! And they better rally together !”

    Oh,no, not again!

    “Card carrier”

    Pick ONE.