The real dangers of school vouchers for Delaware (other than Matthews having a baby-fit)

Approximately 22,258 students attend private schools in Delaware. The average public school per student cost is $13,103. 

If every private school parent was given a school voucher for $13,103.00 x 22,258 it would equal $291,646,574.00.

Currently those parents who choose to send their children to private school still pay local public school taxes “and” a portion of their income goes toward state share. About 58% of public education comes from the local share = $198,319,652.00. And what parent wouldn’t want a school voucher to cover the cost of private school tuition?

The impact on local school districts will be devastating! And what about the effects on charter schools in the same boat as traditional schools?  Would Charter School of Wilmington convert to a “private school” ?

Okay by now I have Mike Matthews scratching his head and ass! So what stipulation would placed on private schools? Will they have to conform to Common Core Standards and participate in The Smarter Balanced Assessment? Wait Mr. Matthews !!!!! It gets better! As parents of current private schools students receive school vouchers so will parent who want to bail on traditional “and” charter schools! Wait Mr. Matthews!!! It gets even better! When the vouchers dust settles who is left behind? You got !!! Children whose own parents don’t give a rats ass as it is and won’t bother with school vouchers!

I’ve given the following so serious thought! Our young public school teachers who enter a cluster-fuck of a nightmare due to their union leadership dropping to their knees for Jack Markell’s personal egoistic self-serving education agenda Race to The Top buy-in laced with Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment suggest teachers need radical change in leadership! Therefore, I am going to run for DSEA President! Yea yea hear we go! Mr. Matthews says you can’t Kilroy you’re not a teacher! Bullshit !!!!!!!!!! I’ve been teaching all of you about the ills of federal intervention with the help of the Judas within ( No you Mike! ) You drank the RTTT Kool-aid! Boo whoo we didn’t have a choice !!! My ass !! You could of said no!  

I am a big fan of transparency and would make an executive order prohibition the president and or the vice president engaging in direct one-on-one meetings with the Governor Carney  and Delaware Secretary of Education. Furthermore, DSEA meeting with Carney and DE DE Sec will be recorded and made public. 2nd order of business! I’ll disconnect DSEA for Rodel! Shit he his goes again! Kilroy you’ll destroy the union!! So pal Judas and he band of idiots started that downward spiral.

The train has left the station on school vouchers one the RTTT MOU was signed! A little history folks! Traditional public schools “had” to fail at all means to justify charter schools and ques what ?? Delaware failing charter schools fuel the call for school vouchers!! Folks there was a calculates agenda in play for many years! Go ask Finnian! Also, my greenhorn friend ( this time its you Matthews :)! The end game has nothing to do with public education and has everything to do with busting prevailing wages ! Bring the Delaware teacher unions to their knees is the gateway of weakening the voice of organized labor! Teacher unions are the strongest and most organized! Without them  other trader and other unions would be a cake-walk re: rolling them over!

Just as “I” predicted Trump will back-peddle on his campaign rants! School vouchers in the next four years will be limited and waked up! Its all about sowing seeds for the next voucher advancement down the road. Those who want to bitch and protest Trump’s selection for secretary of education is creating a diversion to cover their tracks of inability to lead!  Stop the bitching and start pitching !! Elect Kilroy for DSEA President! And I promise you pot in every chicken ! Chill Mike !! I’ll have a DSEA job for you as my PIO and I’ll let you proof read all my written communications! 


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