Red Clay super cries the blues because he can’t meet the class-sizes law! Wants wavier from school board

November 16, 2016 – Public Hearing Class Size Waiver Presentation (audio recording)

Forest Oak, Brandywine Springs and Cooke needs waivers. Some other schools met class size via push-in support (push-in sounds like some bullshit scheme). It would cost the district about little over $500,000.00. Board member Adriana Bohm voices serious concerns with not meeting class-size cap. Glad to see a board member give some push-back! 

Merv tells the board members to contact their legislators. Why doesn’t the board tell Merv, tough shit find a way! How about cutting some EPR programs? Academics should always come first! Reduce the top heavy administration!

The public supported the operation referendum and district still can’t delver. 

God help us if Christina’s schools are forced on Red Clay

I’ll be curious to see how many of Merv’s bobble-head board members give him the wavier. And yest folks the class-size cap is an unfunded mandate backed filled by local taxpayers! Hey Merv! You know you can write an editorial in the News Journal!   



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