More proof Delaware traditional and charter schools need to be funded like Votechs


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  1. Further proof that public schools need to be closed and eradicated from the system


  2. OK Kilroy, KO has got lot’s of posts about this topic and it’s really funny that he’s using the same arguments AGAINST IRSD as many did here in NCC against CSD’s referendum. His history of disclosing identities precludes posting there. He is literally criticizing IRSD for mishandling of district funds and suggesting the public withhold support for their referendum. Wait, isn’t that what many residents did in CSD and weren’t they criticized for penalizing the students?? You need to call him up and tell him he’s arguing the same point CSD residents’ had only this time it’s someone else’s district and he isn’t friends with the board members. Mishandling and Mis-prioritization of district money. I’d say he’s a little too close to the older ‘Pugsley’ CSD school board member and his fellow board member, ‘Tuesday’, for his own good to be objective. Drain the swamp at CSD, drain it at IRSD.

    What I don’t see in your point, is how putting the funding issue into the hands of the legislature would prevent districts from continuing to play fast and loose with the money. The legislators are removed even further from the sordid details of district exclusions, payments, and transfer payments. The crux of the argument is ‘accountability’. If the administrators and board were held legally accountable for misdirection, mishandling, and failure to comply with said goals of referendums, we wouldn’t have as many shenanigans. If the super of IRSD goes to jail, maybe other supers would be less inclined to dabble in the gray areas. If the last 4 supers from CSD were found criminally guilty of obfuscating their fiduciary duty by withholding funds from charters, maybe residents wouldn’t be so cynical. If board members were held legally bound to fund what is stated in referendums, maybe they wouldn’t let supers run amok. They’d whistle blow. Wait… DE state residents keep voting Dems into office who put Dems in charge of DOE who are in collusion with DSEA unions who cajole board members. hmmm, who to whistle-blow on when they are all in on the game.

    The real issue is state ed. employees, gov’t employees and our legislators are not legally bound to their choices. They can make financially inappropriate decisions and then blame it on everyone else. New Jersey legislators funded schools and the unions, so much that most of their budget is now unfunded liabilities OR they have school taxes comparable to private school tuition. They are never to blame, it’s always ‘the system’, there’s always a scapegoat and the public scratches its head; “what does it take for them to do go to jail”. Will Hil(liar)y go to jail for breaking federal law? Will she be held responsible for not sending people in to protect our Libyan emissaries? What does it matter, right? They’re dead! Taxpayers are dead tired of the BS.

    Educational funding has been redistributed, bungled and mismanaged for decades and now 30-40% are fed up getting no service while paying the bulk of the bills. No one has gone to jail. The legislature will not fix this and they’ll continue to fund ventures that fail. It’s in their nature: Bloom, Fiskar, Wind turbines, RTTT, SBAC, Common core tests, etc. Start investing educational dollars in students who appreciate and will provide some form of educational return vs. rewarding bad behavior or poor academic performance. That isn’t elitist, that’s simply the reality of rewarding students/ parents who put forth effort vs. rewarding students for inappropriate behavior. You want more funding for schools, show they are providing value don’t cry the charter’s are skimming. They wouldn’t be ‘skimmed’ if the residents felt they were getting an educational value. Legislators are disinclined to offer any penalty to dysfunctional school performance. Maybe school boards and supers need to be disbanded/ criminalized by the auditor or law enforcement for financial stupidity.
    Fight for ALL students not just the ones that Social Warriors believe ‘deserve’ support.


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  4. lastDEconservative

    “Start investing educational dollars in students who appreciate and will provide some form of educational return vs. rewarding bad behavior or poor academic performance.”

    Almost ’nuff said. Add, put some adults in charge (meaning not educrats, academics or govt employees of ANY stripe) and give them the above mandate. Such a mandate will NEVER happen under the “leadership” status quo of the union/elected/bureaucracy long in place.