Delaware black parents needs to stop following the White Pied-Piper

Delaware education conference focuses on achievement gap , The News Journal

The past few years’ education reforms have not done enough to help disadvantaged children catch up, so Delaware’s education system should make “closing the achievement” gap a top priority.

WTF ??????????? DSTP was to be the holy grail is closing the acheivment gap! DSTP was rolled out Sprinf od 1998! Almost 20 years ago! And guess who behind it all! You go it Rodel with their raod map to nowhere 

That was a theme that ran throughout the Vision Coalition conference Monday, an annual event that draws some of the state’s most influential school leaders and experts. And where was the “voice of 

Recognizing and Addressing the Achievement Gaps in Delaware Schools (2002)

See the date of this report!!! 2002 !!!!!!!!! 14 YEARS AGO

Like much of the country, Delaware focused many of the past few years on setting high expectations for students with the Common Core academic standards and on holding schools and their staff accountable for how kids performed, often measuring success with standardized tests

BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!! No body wants to be accountable for the failure of parents and the communities they live in! 50 years of testing keeps coming back to the conditions of poverty that impedes one’s ability to learn and one’s ability to teach!!!

Weighed funding sounds good in theory! However, without engagement of parents of children most effected it will be same old same old!

The time has come for a real grassroots movement from parents within the forgotten community and community leaders aren’t hooked into the Rodel network!

Freeing one’s self of oppression can only be achieved by standing up to the oppressor! Why is it white male millionaires and billionaires control the education reform of African-American children?

It amazes me! A community will jump to arms to protest Trump but sit by allow a corrupted education system repeatedly fail at-risk minorities children?

No one has question the re-written of ESEA where Title 1 Section 1118 as we know it is no more! The works of William Hicks Anderson have been swept under the white carpet!  

The teachers union said, give us a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held accountable! And when it was time to pay the piper BOOM GONE! New test coming with a union lead stop the test! Who supported Jack Markell’s “need” to win Race to The Top ? The union! Who was given a job with DE DOE after the RTTT win? The head of the union! DON’T GET ME WRONG! I SUPPORT LABOR WHEN IT COMES TO FAIR PAY AND DUE PROCESS! But they have blood on their hands and want to pull a Hillary as, ” RTTT is water under the bridge! Move on “. And now you’ll hear President Trump is bad for public education!

The locks on the chains were unlocked years ago and yet many just lay there and fail to rise! Honestly ! 

Susan Bunting, superintendent of Indian River School District in Sussex County, talked about “Project Village,” a program her district created to help low-income 3- and 4-year-olds get their reading skills up to speed before entering school.

Beautiful Susan!  But injecting “village” is nothing more than trying to inject a sense of tribal culture!  Sounds African so gee must be good! 

Indian River has a high percentage of students who are learning English as a second language, and Bunting said the project helped those students overcome the hurdles that come with that. But there was no mechanism for her to pay for the program without spending money designed to pay for a classroom teacher 

Beautiful Susan but what about teaching those with English as their first language! Money? Don’t we already pay for English teachers?  

The coalition of city leaders and school officials has said so-called “weighted funding” is key to improving the city’s educational woes. But they’ve also said this is not a Wilmington-only problem, and that downstate districts like Indian River need extra resources as well.

And with an ineffective parent to parent outreach program it won’t work! The only ace in the hole Title 1 Parents had was , Title 1 Section 1118  and it’s GONE


2 responses to “Delaware black parents needs to stop following the White Pied-Piper

  1. “No body wants to be accountable for the failure of parents and the communities they live in!”

    Huh? You’ve correctly identified the problem – perhaps the accountability lies with the parents.

    Time and time again, the problem is so easy to see. All the money in the world, the greatest edicators, the best curriculums, the finest facilities – none of that matters when you have parents who don’t give a shit about their children.

    I don’t know the solution. Clearly it starts with some personal responsibility. I’m doubtful it can be found in a school, or the dependent of education.


  2. Of course there needs to be personal responsibility. But the solution also needs to include STOP SOCIAL PASSING. It’s so disgusting. In my opinion it’s the most disgusting thing happening in our schools. And it certainly isn’t parents who are doing it.