Ebenezer Scrooge Trump goes to Washington! Walks the Hall of Mirrors!

Donald Trump may have got more than he bargained for ! When was the last time Donald Trump had an employer? When was the last time Donald had a job he could be fired from ?

America is at a political crossroad and Donald Trump put himself in the ultimate spotlight where everything he does and say will be scrutinized.

Don’t let Mr Confidence fool you! Trump is scared and knows being president may be out of his league! He’ll walk the hall of mirrors looking at himself as who he is and who he has become! I pray that he’ll see the ugly side of himself whereas he looks down on the world like were all shit! Yes I voted for him because deep in the root of what he says about change is true but as you can see he is not going to repeal Obamacare! He address the concerns and work with other to keep the best parts of Obamacare and modified it.

Though the protest are kind of sad but they may force Trump to step-back and say, “I get it” and “though in my mind my intentions are good but I can be too ignorant”.  Trump doesn’t plan on running a second term because if he did and loss the headlines the next morning would say, Trump ! Your Fired ! 

Trumps failures as president will haunt his family forever! America will endure and the divide will unite for the same of the people not unite for the benefit of President Trump!

Trump is the best thing that ever happen to the Republican Party! He destroyed it ! Now they must reorganize and purge those within who alienated the working class within the party! I hope to see that purge in Delaware soon! As for the Democrats, respect the “good people” on the right! Trump is his own third party and there is a message there! America needs a viable third party and it looks like the Libertarian Party might just be it!

Donald Trump please stop at every mirror you past! Reflect and tell the ugly shell to let the insecure man inside out! We are scared just as much as you and we don’t need the ugly conceited man. Man up big guy and say you are sorry for stereotyping groups of people! You can’t divide America by being that way and at the end of the day we’ll be united!

Take a hard look in the mirror President Trump! Don’t be a Scrooge! And if you coming to my house with a turkey and all the fixings don’t! Just send me a new Jeep for my wife and a bag of Bully Sticks for Molly our Brittany Spaniel !  P.S. don’t piss away money on some fancy ass inauguration party ! Skip it ! Use the money to feed the homeless in Washington D.C. 

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