Kilroy’s new mission! Fund all Delaware schools like votech schools via legislation not referendums!

The 7 year battle for requiring all traditional public  , votech  ,charter school boards and the Delaware State Board of Education to record the public session of their board meetings and put online for all to hear has been WON! And for the record, though I  was very hard on Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson, the fact remains she did hear “one person’s” call for this change! We don’t get to see the internal battles at legislative hall but I know ! Leave it at that!   

So Kilroy has a new mission which is fund all Delaware traditional and charter schools the way Delaware votech schools are funded, by legislation not referendums!

If all schools were funded via legislation that set the local school tax rate our state legislators may stop supporting wrong-head governors (keep an eye on Carney) who are agents of the Rodel’s of the world! 

So January 1, 2017 the battle will begin! Stay tuned! 


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